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Do or Do Not

There is no try.~~Yoda, Jedi Master

While still burying my head deep in writing up the pattern for this cardigan and preparing for next Design-Along post, I had a heated discussion with a friend in Texas.   Are e-books damaging for society?

Granted. Books are a medium of communication. On one hand, to hold and smell a book–musty or not–and turn the pages just does it for me.  To say it is damaging is going a bit far.  I see communication and knowledge by e-books are immediate, practical, and less expensive on the other hand.  Instant gratification of a kind.  BUT, there’s a huge difference between, for example, buying any edition of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishmentwhether it’s a beautfully bound, atmospheric hardback, a mass-market paperback, or an e-book–and sitting down to read the novel from beginning to end.  It’s never been easier to acquire books, but, I still have to devote myself to the time-consuming task of reading them.  What do you think?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Do or Do Not" (5)

  1. I have no problem with the medium in which my book is delivered as long as it engages me, is well written, has a beginning, middle and end, and is grammatically correct and spelling error free. The problem I find with many books that are rushed to market is that they are not edited properly and as a result are full of typos and inconsistencies. Plus, many hard copy books (as opposed to ebooks) are horribly typeset, making them difficult to read.

    And yes, I have a stack of hard copy books on the coffee table and lots of ebooks on my virtual shelf. Too little time.

    • Great point, Eliza. I am still resisting but find it more difficult each day. Readers like the Kindle and Nook are great. They work and are getting cheaper by day. You can put a lifetime’s worth of books on one — including a ton of public domain classics for a buck or less each. You can cobble together a virtual classics bookshelf for less than the cost of a round of drinks. Amazing.
      But, I am a scribbler and you cannot scribble in the margins of an ebook. Not all books are available in digital editions. E-books do not allow you to advertise your literary affectedness on the subway. And then there’s the matter of all those barren bookshelves at home and at the soon-to-be-closed local independent bookseller.
      I guess for now I don’t have to be a print book or an e-book person. It’s not an either/or proposition. I still can choose to have my text delivered on paper with a pretty cover or have it delivered over the air to a sleek little device should I give it finally. I know I can even play it way loose and read in both formats! Crazy, right? To have choice. Neither is better or worse—for me, the economy, and the sake of “responsible self-government.” I really should worry less about how we get our books and just be glad that we are reading. 😀
      Thanks for sharing your insight, Eliza. I’ll be coming over to Eugene in a couple weeks and hanging with the Textile a Mano knit-night and Spinning group (Wed and Sat). Do you go to any of the local knit or spin-in groups?

  2. I love reading books! I prefer in hand books rather than E-books. I suggest you read Freakonomics! Fantastic book!

  3. A mi me chiflan los libros y los prefiero a los de internet ,pero tambien tengo libros de internet. Me encanta acostarme con un buen libro , marcar lo que me gusta y cuando lo vuelvo habrir leo lo que marque.


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