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Knitting Trend

What do you consider the latest trend in knitting?  Cables, fair isle, ethnic, punk? Cowl necks, slim outlines, sparkly yarn, big sleeves…whatever?

I’m fascinated to hear what you have to say.  On my part, I think cables are still as popular as it were four years ago–not just in knitting–but in commercial sweaters.  Heck, I even saw a cabled bag the other day!   In mainstream fashion–not just knitters–chunky knitted items are really popular in general.  Models came stalking down runways in scarves so big, they threatened to engulf the skinny things and wearing just really cozy, comfy stuff  (albeit in rather more fashion-forward shapes than I’m accustomed to.)   My theory is that this is a reaction against troubled turbulent times–we turn to what is familiar and comforting.

As far as color goes, I watch the home furnishing industries.  Color for most of the items we buy is controlled by a few, if not one entity, Patone Insitutute.

It decides what color cars will market, what home fashions I will buy–if I decide to buy–what colors will be marketed in clothing. Check its website.  The design industries follow its decision.  Yarn colors migrate toward it too.  The last time I looked, tangerine tango is being introduced as Color of the Year 2012.  I see some of this in Talbots Women’s clothing.  Vibrant Neon Flamingo wall paired with neutral (sand,) hint of purple furniture and pillows, and dark woods.   Acid Yellow tempered with softness of Seabreeze and Lilac are another combination.  I am seeing a good mix of hot neon colors with soft pastels as well.  It does take a while before all previous stock of old colors is sold before the new moves in.

Lace is big as ever in hand knitting and store bought stoles and shawls.  It is seen in gloves, scarves, and beret-hats as well as ski-shape, pull-on hats.  Cables are everywhere.  If you have an upscale department or specialty shop in your area, browse through them to see where the trend is going.  Look at major department stores in the North.  New fashions gradually move South.  So, what have you seen?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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  1. Very interesting. I tend to see everything just waiting for the new year to pop out mods of what was in fashion 20 years previously. In 1980 , as a senior in highschool, I noticed this for the first time… the 40’s was in right next to the new ‘washed out natural’ look, quite the pair, then it was going ‘baroque’. Funny, I hated the 80’s , as I was a struggling young adult, couldn’t stand the pop music, but I loved the ‘stone-washed’ look clothes !

    In 90’s I noticed 70’s were hugely popular, getting significance as ‘retro’ (hey, I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, and I wasn’t retro) along side 50’s . JUst what I have noticed. In the last few years I’ve noticed ‘retro’ and ‘vintage’ being still fashionable. I think I started to get dizzy of all the old getting new attention that I completely stopped paying attention. Seriously Sarah, I have not paid attention to fashion and popular designs now for about 25 years. I have no clue what is in fashion lol…. but… I do notice when I think I’m experienceing a trend to like something (oh, a color combo, for instance apple green with pink for example) just as I think it’s *my taste* I start to see it absolutely everywhere. So I guess I am very vulnerable to the subliminal sale, as it really does seep in when I think it’s not.

    • Having in a high-profile, Corporate position for 20+ years really did affect my view in fashion and trend. First impression is everything in the cut-throat business world. I think it’s still the way today. Nowadays, I like to see what’s in the trend just ‘cuz I have two teenagers who are trendsetters themselves. My MIL is very trendy and I get to see some is “in” whenever I see her 😀

  2. […] wool Tags: 52in52-2012, dyeing, friendship, Inspiration, knit 2012, Life, seamless, Test Knit is the official Pantone color choice for 2012.  If you don’t believe me, Google it and see.  It is really a beautiful color, imho, and I […]

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