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Design Conundrum

Slope Style took me to hell and back.  I really struggled getting the shoulder-blade and dart bust shaping right.

It was a struggle, not because it was difficult to configure, implement, or adding personal modifications, rather my mind wandered a few times…at critical moments.  It’s been a challenge to stay focused, in general, this week.

I am working on some design project, thinking of finishing it to see how it looks,  fine-tuning areas that need improvement, streamlining ways to simplicity finish.  Short rows may help…

If you have a small project you are working on–and are unhappy with how it looks–do you finish it? Rip it out and try for improvement right away? I have no reservation regarding either ripping back or changing courses to take advantage of an unexpected development.  Most of the time, I do rip.  Oftentimes, I just take notes and move on to making prototype 2, 3, or 4…It’s a part of the process, wouldn’t you say?  The goal is not to finish something necessarily, but, to figure out a solution to a particular problem that’s right for the designer’s eye.  How would you apply such principle to life’s challenges?

The consequences of today are determined by the actions of the past.

To change your future, alter your decisions today.

If it’s something functional–like this hat–my original idea did not pan out the way I intended.

Yet, the nearly finished result still works, pleasingly…both functionally and aesthetically.  I went ahead and finished it anyway.  It is now put in cache for a gift or charitable donation.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Design Conundrum" (4)

  1. knit, rip, knit, rip, knit, think about rip…

    it’s how i roll.

  2. Wow, one shapely basic , and you look great ! I blink an eye and you’ve laid down 5 posts, I can’t keep up… :: pant pant ::: I love, love,love your hat !!!

    As for ripping out, I usually do, but my percentages are much smaller than yours in FO, so each rip-out I do is a real setback. I once reknit a sweater (made from home-grown hand-spun three times !!!!

    • Did you have a good practice with your partner John? When is your private gig at someone’s home?

      What is unique about this basic sweater is the knit-in set-in sleeves. I will show more specifics when the sleeves are finished…which is taking forever! Not sure why…not complicated cables…but I am having a hard time knitting in tiny needles. It’s giving me lathering that I normally don’t get! Hopefully, a good wash and blocking will take care of any imperfection of my knitting!

      Wow, reknitting a sweater 3 times…bowing to the queen of perseverance!!!! I can’t say I’ve ever re-knitted anything substantial ever. Half of something, maybe.. You are amazing! Remember…I knit for therapy. The amount I cranked out reflects only how stressful my life is LOL

      The sun is out this morning and the kids are going to skating. I am meeting a good friend to talk graphic design. I’ll write more later, Jen, and to catch up 😀 Have a fabulous day.

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