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Fun Happenings

Doesn’t it seems as though I have almost completely disappeared off of the knitting radar.  I think I sighed a little too large sigh of relief at this week’s deadline.

Thankfully, Decouverte is finally off the needles and seamed. The final stage of washing, conditioning, blocking, shaping, drying, and photographing will have to wait until I return home to the high desert Monday night. For me, there will be no rest for the weary, but that’s okay. I am just glad to finally have dedicated time to devote to my web project.

And what better time is there to roller-blade than during a cold, gray rain–bits of ice bounce down like tiny grains of rice?

We haven’t seen Rachel for at least a year now.  Having her for a couple of hours was a really nice treat especially for my younger teen.  She is a real ham, charming, and a joy to have around–so full of life and always cheerful

Alwood is my 10-year-old’s buddy in the valley.  Each time we visit the in-laws, he loses sleep over how many days he and his friend will hook up.  Isn’t it nice to be a kid?!

Things are starting to wind down a little as Chinese New Year draws closer.  I may just knit up a dragon hat for my boy.  Today, I woke up desiring to paint the world, photograph the love, crochet hugs, write my heart out, and sing at the top of my lung. Art should be seen, heard, and experienced. Won’t you join me?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


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  1. Hello,

    Very nice post today, but I always wondered. Do you sell your knittings? Or is it more of a recreational thing?


    • Sorry, Ron. It appears you didn’t get my reply sent previously. I’ll send it to your email directly. Thanks, Ron. A dabble of all. I find comfort in the motion–with sticks and threads–while I am taxi-ing my children around every day. And it’s fun and entertaining to me especially when I learn a skill, technique, or a lesson from my trials. A lot of my creations was gifted to friends and families, some for charities, others for fundraisers to support causes I believe in. On the business end, I am learning web development to build a professional website for my design pattern publishing and/or sales of my knitwear. This has been one of my dreams that I am actively pursuing in 2012. Planning does take time and the progress is moving in a snail pace…then there’s unexpected distraction! I love people like you to keep me inspired, motivated, focused, and back on track when I derail Thank you for being here, Ron.

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