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Hello Houston

It’s time…to revive an abandoned secret love lace that has been sleeping for at least five years–looking amazingly current. It was fun to knit. The rows are short and the design changes enough to keep it interesting. This long forgotten treasure and mysterious secret was nearly two-third of the way down before I ran out of this luscious silky, smooth, and cuddly mohair-something goodness. This yarn has some subtle variations in color (deeper, rich scarlet red than captured below.)  Nice. It’s soothing just to look at. It has been dormant in a basket full of half-knitted projects that need to be finished and samples for some that were never even begun. I’m still utterly gobsmacked that I’d put it down these many years. Now, Red Scarlet demands action!

Why today? A flash of inspiration hit me with a strong urge during this morning’s hike.

I’ve decided to rekindle this glorious lace–second one in my early lace knitting adventure–not can I finish, but, should I finish it, and will I finish it in some twisted, radical redirection. After five years of unsuccessful search for another skein of this mystery mohair/silk yarn, I finally come to my senses to unravel…until I met up with a couple of friends earlier today.

Ideas pop in my head often while appealing to my knitterly friends for suggestions.  Thanks, Jewel, for getting it out of me. I’m smitten with the new look and can’t wait to give her a proper introduction…soon, I promise.

For now, I’ll stick to finishing my shop sample and leave the real fun knitting to all you peaceful tea drinkers because knitting makes me very thirsty. How did I ever accomplish anything before social knitting? Knitting, blogging, and sipping tea all day long have become enjoyable by the minute.

Can you hear my hubby breathing a sigh of relief as I slowly pick myself back up from the recent unfortunate event? I’m pretty sure I just heard it. Maybe in his wave of relief he won’t mind a tiny yarn/fiber shopping spree…:D

Hope you feel inspired to take up the hobby and knit and stitch everything from fashion to interiors and gifts…and get involved. Imagine knitting this Celtic rug up, anyone?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Hello Houston" (3)

  1. This Celtic Rug is just too precious to be walked on! Beautiful!

    • Hahaha. But the thought of knitting one up is so appealing, don’t you think! I would certainly walk on it with my bare feet and roll over it with my children, hubby too if he wants to 😀

  2. You Go Girl. FIVE YEAR REST is certainly long enough. What’s wrong with a color change on the lace ? If you make it a pattern’d change, what’s wrong with that? Remember always : ” It will Be what It Wants To Be ” . 🙂 I wrote it jsut in case you forgot. When you can’t force it… let it guide you. xxxxxxxJ

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