A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Free, Joyous, Happy…

…and more liberated than I have ever been. I feel good, refresh, and replenished today after facing the giant…‘Titanic’ would have been a tortuous experience altogether. A heartfelt Thank-You to everyone for your beautiful comment and well wishes.  I reminded myself “Never lose your sense of wonder.” I won’t. I promise! The “trouble” has been zipped and tossed in the Deschutes river after strolling the riverfront this morning. I digress…now back to the normal programming here in Handstitch playland.

I decided to point my attention into color today. Why not? A good splash of color will spice up any day, gloomy or not.

Is picking colors intimidating? It can be. For me, it is more often than not. I recalled, as first-time gardener, I chose plants ‘cuz they looked pretty at the nursery. I bought plants, took them home, and put them somewhere in my first flower garden back when I lived in the Bay Area, not knowing much about what I planted, only that I liked what I saw.

As I became more and more proficient with plants and my garden, I started to become a bit more particular.

Some gardeners are attracted to one or two particular plants and may fill their landscape with their favorites.

Others may look more towards the overall shape of the landscape and textures, filling it with a conglomeration of trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Some may crowd anything and everything into whatever space is available.

But eventually, like all gardeners, I had to step back and look at the one thing that is most intimidating in the garden, yet so fascinating, that I couldn’t ignore it no matter how hard I tried, and, that one thing was color.

Whenever I talked about color, people started to bandy about terms like theory, primary, secondary, tertiary and neutral…cool colors, warm colors, contrasting colors in various tones, hues, values and intensity. My head would spin trying to take it all in at once. It is no wonder that color can be intimidating!

The experienced ones don’t pay much attention to all of the terms, however. They basically just know what they like. Their gardener’s eye tell them what they should, or could, be doing in their gardens for their constant improvement. A garden is never really complete, is it? Changes are inevitable year after year. There is never a point where I may simply stop and declare it finished. Color is an area I really can’t wrap my mind around. Here is something to consider. Find one thing that I like and decorate around it. It not only helped me in making choices in my home, my garden, but in my craft too.

Another interesting tool I recently stumbled on to is a color palette generator. To satisfy my curiosity, I delved in it today for some design work in the work…here are some promising examples.

What do you think? Helpful? Or a scratch? Do you use a generator?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Free, Joyous, Happy…" (5)

  1. Dear Sarah, off you go and right you are – leaving trouble behind, especially since this nasty incident brought forth such wonderful support by all your friends – there is that silver lining, right? – Color generator – why not? Need we follow it? No! If we don’t like the result, write it off as a suggestion which did not quite make it into your work 😉
    I like the stepping stones across the lawn…

    • Amen. Thank God for the silver lining, one I treasure with all my heart. I couldn’t have been able to let go so quickly and easily without your lifting me up, showering me with your love and encouragement when I needed most. As always, you are my one true friend, guardian angel sent from above 😀

  2. OMG… that color palette generator is the niftiest thing I’ve ever seen . I bet that is exactly what A.Starmore uses, exept, theneach color would be heathered from more than one color…see? Anyway, DarlingSarah, I am surely a lost sheep in the garden. You see, I have been trying to figure out just what kind of gardener I am for a long time. THing is, I continued my mothers legacy for roses, but ever since moving up on the mtn (Jan 05) roses have been a huge challenge, and I admit, I became disheartend and gave up a bit. I love English Cottage gardens,…. but I live in an arid-in-the-summer and rainy woodland area, transitional actually… it’s all over the map, so to speak. HEre is my garden space (OMG… I have like 5 blogs: http://jenssecretgarden.wordpress.com/ I just planted an apple yesterday). I do love, love,love perrenials, and can’t be bothered with annuals, and I love the concept of gardens for food, except that it’s very slow going where I live. Anyway, I’ve totally rambled on YOUR page. (thanks. xxx)

  3. Color is not my strong suit! I tend to go for single color or semi-solid of one tone, because I’m afraid of color. (I chose house colors for my parents once; it was awful.) This must be why I play with texture in my knitting instead of color…

    • I love your textured knits, Michele, but, I am always inspired by your choice of colors used to showing off your beautiful designs!

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