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WIPs Overload?

Overwhelmed?  There is no remedy to stress.  There are, however, things I may do to minimize the level a bit–this is a part of a new change I’ve mentioned beginning of the year.

Today, I took some time to sit down and write out areas of my life that are unstable.  I plan to brainstorm ideas to provide more stability…and make a firm commitment to act on them, accompanied by a concrete schedule over the coming weeks.  Yes.  I really do want more stability than before.  It is a great way to take the first step towards a more stable, actualized life.

Let’s face it: there are plenty of days when I don’t feel like sketching, designing, creating, testing, researching…what I should be working on.  When I’ve got a big project facing me, whether that be a test knit, shop sample, or whatever…I get intimidated.  I procrastinate.

During search for a management tool to hold myself accountable, to someone else, for the changes set in motion, I came across this project planning technique and immediately thought that it would be a good organizational and motivational tool for my craft projects too.

It is call personal kanban. You may have heard of it in relation to manufacturing and software development.  Kanban is a Japanese technique of pulling WIPs towards end result (as opposed to a push system.)

The blog explains everything I need to understand with sticky-notes.  I plan to create a visual board with just a sheet of paper and small post-its for my WIPs and queued projects (back-log.)  The goal is to find my optimal number of WIPs I may manage without feeling overwelmed or bored.  It recommends starting with 3 or 5.

I see the kanban system has applications in almost every area of life.  How would you adopt its principle? Or, do you have an effective, impacting system already in place?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


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  1. Sarah, HELLO GiR:L ! Let me begin by saying *thank you * for your wonderful heart-felt comments/replies/notes to me, and though I am tardy in replying and getting back on the wagon with Ravelry/knitting/blogging, you have been in my thoughts *a lot*. Now, let me say this : you and I are in very similar places feeling overwhelmed. I have a hunch it’s menopausal, this foggy-headedness, but I now think I found you as a buddy to go through it with. I think we have a little bit of a Buddy System going already, but this post ignites me !

    Now, I must say, cuz I can’t hold it in any more, that I LOVE your Kanban system, and I want to do it too (oddly, I found the pomodoro on another’s blog, and was in the queu for getting started with that). It just LOOKS so obviously the way a brain and heart work together. I think for myself, being such a visual ;person who dislikes the look of clutter, that I would/should/will decorate up into a moving collage of sorts. Maybe with notes and magnets, instead of stickynotes, actual pictures of at least flowers, or the like, such as butterflys 😉 whereon I would write the task. You know, just make the whole visual aspect of it, more eye candy. Thank you for the gift of inspiration . I believe I will go to my favorite kitchen shop tomorrow and pick up a timer, as I was planning for pomodoro technique, and see if I can make a hybrid , Pull action (which is curiosity and anticipation) instead of the Push (which is opression and resentment, who want’s to be pushed?). Talk more later….xxx

  2. I’m thinking of 3-dimensional backdrops now. Like metal container things I can post pretty notes on, around, in a progressing matter, with the end , or beginning, being the vessel itself. a vessel does not occupy a wall, but sits unobtrusively on a surface. On a shrine to one’s creativity, or workspace.( I suppose a non-metal container would work too, with the stickynotes) A metal vase… painted, like decorative painting of at least zones on it’s surface, and magnets (cool pretty jeweled up magnets at that) to stick the notes on. Now that I think of it, I already have one or two, to experiment with. THe notes (task written over an inspiring or otherwise pretty picture (make it all as positive as can be made) can be pulled out from inside the metal vase, jar, lidded thing, as a well of more less pressing ideas , and as we are overwhelmed with backlog, maybe the storage being inside that well, within reach, but out of sight may help to ease ? I’m excited to personalize this whole thing !

    • Your ears must be burning, Jen. Really. I have been missing you and thinking of what’ve been tying you up all these days! I started to have a mild withdrawal not getting comment/feedback from you?! I was so ready to knock on your door LOL

      You crack me up, Jen. Though I love your creativity and bright, inspiring wild ideas–sending my head into some swirly spin–the whole point for kanban is simplicity. For me, I would set myself up for failure if it’s too complex…the creative me would end up spending too much time to dress up the board, the notes…nothing else will get accomplished. I am not saying it won’t work for you, Jen. For me, I need to get a system up to keep me accountable–NOW. So, the paper and stickies work with no additional expenditure. I like your Upcycle idea too. Once I have a system in place, I may venture out on the inspiring ideas you have thought of–it would be fun and uplifting to see my dress-up board too. Nonetheless, I am so excited that you are on the same page, Jen. You’ll keep me in check for sure 😀 Lets have a blissful year, together!

      You are like my soul sista! I’m so thankful for you 😀


  3. OH, and since the new year, I’ve created a blog especially for Plundering The Depths of Me, and helping me share some of this menopausal stress. It will be on this blog that I will design my personal task system, and I will borrow from your kanban, and the pomodoro and whatever else tickles my fancy. Thanks !

    Here she is : http://menopauselane.wordpress.com/

  4. […] am I doing about it? It will be different. I am already feeling the change by implementing the kanban system. Take a look of a modified St. Brigid. Don’t you just love […]

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