A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Cosmic Meets Mineral

This has been on my to do-list like for ages.  I have the pattern and yarn for as far back as I care to remember.

Thankfully for the commissioned work by one of my favorite shops Knit-Purl, allow me introduce you to Clockwork. It’s a crescent-shaped shawlette worked from center, neck down, with textured, gartered body.

Unlike some, Clockwork isn’t formed by using short-rows.  So, if that intimidates you from making one, you may be pleased with this intriguing slipped-stitch column, arched-structure design by Stephen West.

Clockwork has been off-the-needle, bathed, and blocked since early in the week.  I finally got the time and cooperating weather to show you modeled photographs.

The generous wingspan permits the fabric to drape comfortably around my shoulders and neck. There is plenty of room to play with color in the two sections of this smart arched shawl.

It knits up rather quickly–over two nights of TV-watching sessions–so you may have your winter shawlette/scarf done in a weekend!  Worked in a rich, vibrant jewel tone, she makes a graceful accent for your wintry travel wardrobe, very soft and comfy to wear.

Once you get the rhythm and grasp the concept, it’s quite easy to alter the patterns you already own to deeper, even shallower, less aggressive/ crescent shape, or different-size shawl.  Since this is a shop sample, I followed the precise pattern instruction to the T.  Only thing I did differently was the size of needle–Size 4 instead of 5–as I am more on the loose-tension side.  I do like the size better after aggressive blocking to 88″ by 10″ (center deep), consumed 84 grams (or 353 yards) in Mineral and 63 grams (or 265 yards) in Cosmic. There is leftover enough for a matching hat or a pair of gauntlet.

Ooooh, MadelineTosh has been my obsession since last year. Tosh Merino Light fingering yarn–in many delectable colorways–will be available at Knit-Purl (both in store and online.) I love the color progression and the feel of Tosh Merino Light…so delicious that I just didn’t want to stop knitting!  Now, dreaming of knitting Ginger and Kale together…wouldn’t it be lovely for spring (reflecting how it has been here in January?!)  Not sure of a color combination?  Check out Design Seeds for your palette inspiration.

Stop by the store and try out Clockwork in person.  It’ll be there in about a week.  Next on the needle, nearly half knitted, is the other shop sample work for Knit Purl.  I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful this new yarn feels…rest assured I will give it a proper introduction when the project is knit up, in a couple of days.  I’m definitely on target even after a  couple days of slight distraction.  😀

Tell me, how’s your weekend so far?  What craft floats your boat currently?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


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