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Who Loves

New Year’s Resolution?

Not me. Not a fan. I resolve not to make any new year’s resolutions for a few years now teeheehee…this way, I can’t disappoint myself or let myself down. It’s such an easy one to keep…oh no…I already blew it! That’s a resolution in and of itslef, isn’t it!? hawumph. My intention this year is to bribe as many folks as possible with my craft and stash.

I’m so grateful to you all! Really pretty speechless with all the love and praise I received on and offline. OK, I’ll admit it, you all have made me cry–it’s the kind of crying that comes from this deep need for acknowledgement and tender loving care–which you all are so good at giving! I thank you so much for your friendship–what would I do without YOU?! You are taking me to gulp…yep…you know it...Pray for my greedy soul!

I really don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but, I may make birthday resolutions. They’re easier to forget! 😀   What’s on your sticks and string resolution list?  Using stash doesn’t count–it’s a given! I love, love, love the ideas in the Knitter’s Life Listcheck out this fine publication. If I must, I would resolve to learn more textile history AND to improve my colorwork both knitting and embroidering. This means I’ll be boring to many and will be offering gifts in strange Fair Isle patterns which, I so strive, ever continuously improving floats. Fair Isle and/or Intarsia anyone?? Ooooh…or learn to knit faster so I may knit through that endless stash instead of just fondling it!

Since I promised for days to show the shawls I finished on Christmas’ Eve, designed by Animaknits, here they are. Not only were they knitted two-at-a-time on one 32″ Addi Turbo cable, they were pinned and blocked together.  Quick and simple.

…until an uninvited OOOPS moment revealed itself!

Remain calm, ladies and gentlemen. No drama necessary. Really. If you knit and/or know of lace, you’ll know those unpleasant drop stitches–like Alice down the rabbit hole into Wonderland–it will end, sooner than later. It took me less than a minute to salvage at the spa early in the week.

I love this shawl design when I first saw it and am thankful that Kristina–a Lithuanian living in Hungary–let me in even after the test was closed. She is one designer that has been nice to work with, very accommodating and kind.

Only drawback about my version is the size. I had to hard block the red to achieve a decent scarf-size. It’s definitely appealing to those who like scarves to accessorize their wardrobes.

Me? I prefer to keep the textural interest as shown in the lavender one in Stardust, a heavier, fingering weight yarn–the color isn’t accurate in any of these photos. It’s really pretty in person and a really nice, pretty yarn for the price point. It’s a bit thinner and rougher than Red Heart Hearts & Soles off the ball–but–softens up quite nicely once washed. Put it through normal cycle on the washer, conditioned, and they came out the same way they went in…or softer. I went through two balls and didn’t find any knots. It seemed less splitty than Hearts & Soles. It’s a keeper, my charity-knit stable.

These two will be auctioned off to raise fund for local high school music program. Email me if you are interested in helping out some amazing kids. I may knit one to keep in sport weight, maybe in MadelineTosh Pashmina or Swan Island certified Organic Merino.

For a close look of Kristina’s designs, check them out here.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


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  1. Happy New Year – Your blog is the only blog that I have sent to my personal email. I find you very inspiring and I love all of your pictures.

    Keep up the good work, you bring calmness and a smile to my heart.

    p.s. still interested in your Pagewood Farms yarns…..

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