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Crafts, Food, and Friends

My favorite things. What could be better?!

In this life, where I seem to add more to my to-do list than I have time to check off, getting together with my girlfriends is one sure-fire way to get a craft I’ve been dying to make made, err, at least started.

As far as I’m concerned, there are two guidelines to hosting a successful open-craft afternoon: pick a craft and promise sumptious delights and yumminess.

Besides being crafty, when hosting a gathering, Kristin is second to none.

My craft of choice today was embroidering

Leaves…and birds.

Who ever says creative minds are rarely tidy? Storing loose floss on miniature clothespins isn’t anything brilliant–really simple–but, sure works for me.

The day ended with History Pub at Father Luke Room, McMenamins.

Topic of the evening was Whiskey Flat and Prohibition: The Happy Days of Home Brew and Moonshine in Bend’s Mill Worker Neighborhoods with Tor Hanson–hosted by Deschutes Historical Museum, Oregon Encyclopedia, and McMenamins Old St. Francis. From simple drunkenness to moonshine gangs dynamiting policemen’s homes, I truly enjoyed the history lesson ripped from headlines tales of prohibition Bend.

Do you have a favorite craft or outing you share with your peeps?

Are you, like me, still in holiday mode?  Or have you reverted back to work mode?

Quite refreshing to get the rain today 😀

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Crafts, Food, and Friends" (5)

  1. Thank you Sarah! It’s always great to see friends for a day like that. Let’s do it again soon.

  2. I use to have a wednesday spinning group I went to from about 1987 to 1997 pretty off and on, but most on for the first 5 or 6 years. I thought that large basement room of a stately Victorian house and farm was the most enchanting place, and felt so lucky. The generous host (it was a single host , Napa college no-credit class, but she was paid) was Martha Stewart-esque and her decadent home was my personal wellspring of creativity for many a year. I *still* have such emotional associations with the place, and the memory of the people. I would like to get something like that going on my mountain, but I am retiscent, as everybody is so busy al the time. My life is far less hectic than most, I wish we were closer. I seem to be pleased though, that blogging tickles that sense of close community with people (women) as the old days of my spinning group.

    • Funny…when I lived in the Bay Area, only place I’ve seen knitters gathered in public was at Big Sky, a high-end yarn shop in Lafayette (East Bay.) She stocks more fabulous selection of yumminess! I was never aware of people/crafter getting together?! Not until I moved to Oregon and with Ravelry’s help. My world has changed. Drastic you may say. A happier one at that. I find joy in the simplest thing. With you, I feel I’ve scored big, Jen. You are such a wonderful friend, my cheerleader, my conscience. I so look forward to meet and hang out in person when I visit “home” again. In 2012, I hope 😀

  3. OH, and dynamite idea using clothespins as bobbins ! OMG… I must try !

    • It’s not my original idea. I’ve seen it on the internet with regular-size pins. These miniatures from Michael’s are so cute that I could resist them–it turns out perfect for storing those loose strands of floss. Have fun with them, Jen. Mine has been sporting around town with me LOL

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