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Six Days…

Has life been a little crazy for you today as it did me?   Take a few minutes to just sit back, breathe deeply, relax, reflect, refresh, or take a walk.

So far our forecast is nothing but sunshine sunshine sunshine, a bit cold but no SNOW.  I shall have to move to the midwest or east coast so to make snow angels and snowballs to throw at the postman/woman!   How is it where you are?  Warm?  Cold?  Wet?  Or dry?

Isn’t this Craft-from-Trash puppet cute as a button?   It was created by my younger teen, my constant inspiration, two summers ago when she was ~11.

The big thing with Upcycled art is that recycled puppets should be looked at like object manipulation or found puppetry.  That is, you should try to avoid recreating traditional-looking puppets. Use the object’s qualities to decide how best to reuse it.  Puppet makers are early obsessive, compulsive collectors.   I save every usable scrap of foam, fleece, fabric, clothing, and all sorts of materials (aka junks or craps.)   By doing so, I not only reduce the amount of waste produced, but, also save money on materials in the long haul.

Extending this:  I stock up on materials when they are on sale, keep and collect stuff I have no immediate use…however do inspire ideas. Talking about upcycled, handmade goodie ideas, I do have a larger-scale experiment in the work. More elaboration in the new year.  Do you have a favorite upcycled project at home and/or at work?  Anything you’d like to try?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Six Days…" (3)

  1. Thank you for vindicating my habit of picking up all manner of materials, the use of which only becomes obvious to me later. Fun blog!

  2. I love that puppet ! Many upcycled things obscuring my path. 🙂 I am waiting to see & read all about what your Big Scale project is in the new year ! What is UP with this winter? 57 degrees right now at 2:30 on the winter solstice. Hmmm… hardly a raindrop to speek of either… all the moss is dried up , waiting for a drink (I do say, the moss is my favorite thing about the wet & cold season ). This is sunny & nearly warm Christmas year I suppose. xJen

  3. I was in a book store today and saw a used book with the title, “Don’t Throw That Away!” It was full of some pretty strange and wonderful craft projects. I have learned to filter my impulse to save odd bits, and keep what can truly be used, but I still have to restrain myself when I see spikey sweet gum seed pods on the sidewalk.

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