A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Ten Days…

I got up early–not a small achievement for a hardcore night owl. The day really started out with some promise, with aromatic breakfast. Oh my, were they good. Warm. Fluffy. Sweet. I want to go the simple, healthy route next…with pureed delicata or acorn squash next.

Who else is noticing a distinctive chill in the air and frost on the ground signifying winter is here to stay? It sure brings out a craving for the warm comfort of a seafood chowder. Sweet and savory broth envelopes winter vegetables and succulent prawns in a creamy blanket that carries just the slightest whisper of heat to remind me of warmer days. This quick chowder is easy to prepare…sure to be the next staple in the kitchen repertoire!

I felt pretty accomplished before Thursday Knit-Up social this morning at my favorite bookshop cafe with friends. Besides Jewel and Kristin, it was wonderful to have see Pam, Lynn and Christy.

Lunch with Kristin at Toomies right new door was delightful.

It was a great day to refuel and be energized. Do you spy a hat? Why yes. You do. The duckling yellow has drastically transformed to welcoming, soothing hand-dyed lavender petals–Spring aromas come alive in winter–modeled by my good friend Pam.

Nothing works to inspire creativity quite like a stroll in the high desert.

A visit to downtown on a slow day carries me away in mind, body, and soul.

Timelessness lives on this town.  It’s a magical and enchanting land.

A beautiful place that is blessed with breath-taking wonders

…even though I was stuck with a $32 parking ticket.

It has been a really long day after working the concession booth, at the high school’s choir concert tonight. I’m so ready for some fiber play 😀 How was your day? What’re some of your great encounters?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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  1. Hi Sarah, Thank you for sharing your day. I have very fond memories of Bend. I have a friend who is a Vet in Bend and I also exported several cashmere goats to Bend in the late 80`s. As a fellow knitter I have been enjoying a little peak into your world for a few weeks. Your blog update greats me each morning as with the time difference it is there when I check my email. I have a blog as well but I am not very good at updating it and that is my News promise just to me to get more skilled with it.
    I hope you and your loved ones have a lovely Xmas season. We are expecting a warm one and will be sharing just with my small family. My mum is 91 years young,one brother has just returned from working with dogs in the Army in Afghanistan he is a veterinary surgeon.
    Cheers from Down Under Down Under (Tasmania

    • Thank you so much Jen for the shout out and following my daily musing. I dream of having my own flock but will have to leave that to the experts like you, Jen. Cashmere is one of a few fine favorites of mine. Thank you for making them available to us in the State. I love living here in the High Desert. It will be a sad day when we’ve to move. Nonetheless, I embrace every minute when I’m here. Is it summer where you are now?

  2. How did you end up with the parking ticket?

  3. […] Although there was frost on the lawn and fireplace was crackling this morning, most days have been rather warm.  Another light-sweater kind of December day.  Instead of bemoaning the nearly warm breeze, I got pampered with good friends at Dudley’s (Kristin, Jewel, LeAnn, and Nancy)…warmed up by oh-so-pleasing Toomie’s delectable.  It’s a good day of fun.  Sorry no picture take to show :0(  Er.  Okay.  I just forgot.  Borrowing this one from last week. […]

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