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Modish and Warm

Time flew by…I must have been enjoying myself.  Back in the saddle after a low dip of life and doing a bunch of recycling of old clothes, papers, and magazines.  I have been busy knitting up a storm too and am lying in bed feeling incredibly self-satisfied and proud, having just finished another fun knit.  Ah, nothing like a finished project…Taking center stage is these unisex fingerless gloves, worked in the round using a 24″ long Size 0 circular needles, magic Loop, two-at-a-time.

I cast on last night and completed this evening.  I had the pattern with me to the family retreat back in September…why did I wait ’til now?  Stitch patterns are provided in charts and written form.  Beautiful and sweet!  It was not that easy to knit the fingers in teeny, tiny, extremely sharp-point Size 1-9″ long cable needles  (only you should see my poor, sore right index right finger!)  The outcome is worth the effort!

These seamless gloves keep my hands warm, but, fingertips free allowing me to knit, work a camera, or perform any activity–or  people using Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, Tablet, or photographers–requiring a precision touch, be able to use their fingers, but not wanting to freeze.  No More Cold Computer Hands.  Super easy and really cute!  Just half a skein.  The star of these gloves is the embossed oak leaf stitch, suitable for both genders.  This is a versatile pattern that may be easily modified to fit smaller (like I have here) or larger sizes. It could also be easily modified to make full-fingered gloves.

At this time of year, my thoughts turn toward the holidays.  I find it helpful to have a few quick-n-easy gift ideas and reliable recipes to make the season a little less stressful.  To dispel a common perception, knit gifts neither have to be pricey, fancy, nor take weeks/months of complicated knitting/making to be a gift I am proud to give or wear.  It’s all in the finishing touches.

These gloves (as well as newsboy caps and gauntlets) in the post are simple yet with effective design element to elevate them to gift giving or holiday wearing status.  All is required is a single skein of yarn, a tried and true pattern that has been made successfully time and again, and a few notions in the way of buttons or beads…some contrasting reverse stockinette border  or flower embellishment–some of endless ways to personalize a basic pattern to your taste–to add a finishing touch or two!

I’ve been pondered about finishing touches.  It strikes me I haven’t devoted nearly enough time to reading good literature, listening to fine music, or devoting my efforts to a worthy cause.   I’m in serious need of some finishing touches!  Self is the most important work-in-progress I have.  Wouldn’t it sweet if only I could work on it last night and complete Self this evening ?!

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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