A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Inspiration Central

What inspires you?

For me, it may be a photo.

A conversation.

A dream.

Whatever the inspiration…write it down. Make a record of some sort.

Over last couple of years, I’ve been inspired to share those thoughts in an effort to motivate and spark creativity and curiosity in myself as well as others.

I may never get to some of those projects; but, they’re there in my bank waiting for the right day, right time.

Reading through some of my journals, I am reminded of my multitude of interests. Maybe you’ll find something that sparks your own interest…

I believe you and I are meant to live joyful lives. I believe we may uplift our lives making choices to create the life of our own choosing. And creating things with my hands brings me joy.

Tea, Anyone? Service for One is another quick holiday gift accessory that I have had in my to-do list.

Once the basic design and instruction sketched out, it knitted up rather quickly…about an hour, two max.

More fine-tuning, felting this one down-to-size, and adding loops for a stirrer.

It will be packaged up to a good home next week.

As much as I like to work on my own designs, I do have a deadline approaching for a test-knit shawl (actually two at a time) I must return my focus to. What’s on your needles?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


Comments on: "Inspiration Central" (2)

  1. Sarah, I’ve not been blogging much or reading others blogs for weeks. I am now pigging out on yours. I love , love, love how fearlessly personal you are, and that is truly inspiring. Are the photos in this blog of your work space(s) ? I’d love for you to do a ‘work space’ detail post. Please, for me? 🙂 I’ll do the same? Great post for the new year.

    Okay, what has traditionally inspired me (aside from the before mentioned ‘other people, you included) is things of nature and natural fibers. Olden Days, the ability to transform something into a timeless association of days gone by. I fancy myself as some retro feminist, walking on the ridge, in the neighbors winery, and down and about the roads up here in the woods, in a wool skirt now. Why? Crazy, yet, it inspires me to now ‘dress nice’ for even my walks, and to open my eyes to feast as well as feel like I am ready to be seen . Walking inspires me. Writing inspires me. Photographs inspire me. You and I are so alike !

    • I am not so good with words, Jen. Many of my musing are rather scattered, in fragment. It takes a lot of effort to write, compose, convey my thoughts. At times, I am frustrated that I can’t seem to express my inner feelings. But, it’s free versus paying a therapist to listen to my rants. Besides, I have much better plan where I’d like to put my limited spending money. Blogging is my stable, playground that allows me to run freely. I love pictures, like a good piece of music, as they ignite my inner feelings, spark my imagination, and fill my creativity well. Only drawback is that I wish I had gotten into photography earlier in life so I have adequate skill sets to capture those magic moments. *** Big Sigh *** So much to learn…so little time.

      Yes, I would love to do work space post some day…probably after the holiday. My space is an unorganized mess right now, getting ready for a holiday rummage sale over the weekend. After that, I will have time to dedicate to self-makeover, organizing…I always have been considering in renting a studio where I may separate home and work life. All that will have to wait…I’d love to have a tour of your work space for sure, Jen.

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