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Surrounded by a Sea of

SAHM attire, I find myself lately trying to make a statement! I love to create and will try anything to achieve a look in my wear.

Both of my teen daughters have amazing sense of fashion and are online frequently for inspiration. They are not alone. When I walk around town and see all the latest fashions, I would say to self, I’d love to wear that too. How can I make that?

There are people who may only have Walmart as far as their clothes are concerned. You can get some really creative people who find ways to–and I AM going to quote Tim Gunn–“Make it work(cringe.) I have heard quite a few anti-fashion voices too. It’s amazing that, with so many knitters, little is concerned with fashion. I love sketching my projects and then doing whatever I can to make the shape work. It’s been fun, but, not many people knit like that.

Do you pick a pattern or design a sweater because you want to KNIT it or because you want to WEAR it? I suppose my ideal design would be both a joy to knit and pleasure to wear, contemporary and timeless at the same time.

Yet I notice this recurring theme on a lot of knit blogs about never wearing the FOs. What is up with that?! Do these knitters choose projects for the fun of knitting and this leads to a pile of unworn garments? If that’s your thing, then better to give those items away. But, if you really want every knitting moment to be fruitful and fashionable, why not use a tool like Mary’s Closet Sorting algorithm to identify the holes in your wardrobe and then methodically seek out knitting patterns or design your own clothes to fill those holes?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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  1. I love your mittens…omg… those are amazing ! I am guilty, knitting just-to-knit. What is worse, I’ll knit somethng for me, not knowing really what size, hoping I’ll have lost some weight by the time I finish it ! ( Being in my perimenopausal years, I am struggling with a deal of weight, so crap) Knitting for a bigger size is not so exciting as well as significantly more expensive in yarn yardage. So, maybe I’ll give away, or take a risk that it might not fit just yet (the really red cardigan, I am not sure, but then I’ll either Just Have , waiting for me (because I know I *will* lose weight as I’m getting hip to this menopause thing !). I printed off tha Mary Dell’s Closet-sorting bit ~thanks to you~ as I am afraid my *two* (smallish) closets are packed with too many years of squirrelling thrift shop finds, even stuff I couldn’t wear. I have so much that I’ve never worn ! I am not much of a clothes person, definitely a fashion rebel, and wear only a few things, so this HAVING SO MUCH is really weird.( It’s llike I have a small wardrobe for every ten pound difference? ) Okay, this post of yours has really made me think about ‘best case-scenario (that it will be like christmas when I can fit, as I lose weight) vs. worst case (that I’ll never wear, that I’ll never lose weight). But as for kntting, I have very few things for just me. I must work on that . I seem to get sidetracked with knits for others. Okay, I’ve totally rambled here. xxJen

    • Jen, check out Stephanie Japel’s recent article on Five Easy Steps to Great Fitting Knits. Your Really Red cardigan may just be the one sweater you’ll be very pleased with! 😀

  2. ps. Oh, and I think the Mary Dell’s Amazing Closet-Sorting Algorithm might work successfully for yarn stash and well, fabric stash too, as well as sewing patterns.

    • For sure…I’m going through the process, right here, right now 😀 It’s very zen…once you get the courage to dive right in 😀

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