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The coolest toolbar ever for printing. I’ve used Prinliminator. It takes time to get rid of everything. Since my laptop isn’t connected to a printer, I have trouble saving a webpage and transfer it over to the laptop.

PrintFriendly is easier, child friendly, does a better job, AND creates a PDF for you. No more fiddling with turning Knitty patterns into WORD documents and re-sizing all the columns. It worked great–even for someone who isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to computer stuff. You gonna love it, I tell you.

How does PrintFriendly work? You enter the name of the webpage you want to print. It will make you a version without background images, extra stuff, and everything else you want to leave out. I was tired of losing half of my page (and all of that ink) to the junk. Not only can you delete extra images and texts you don’t want, the best thing is that you may make the text as big as you need! Very useful as some webpage uses such small text. Your printer will thank you.

Go and print up a bunch of knitting patterns now…here’s on my docket, for the most part.

Where have I been? Overwhelmed…not a statement that should induce any pity ‘cuz I brought it all on myself. I have been busy, nonetheless. Today, getting all the things done made blogging just like another chore.  I would have been more productive, but, I had to drive hither and yon to get one of the teens to 4H Sewing, then over a friend’s, and the youngest one to a 3-hour birthday party at an indoor skate park (colder inside than out…what gives!)

My friend Myria and I did sneak out for an hour to take a peek at some remarkable hand-pierced quilts by Janelle Rebick, featured quilter of this month’s First Friday Art Walk Quiltworks. Wish I had more time there…and brought my camera too!

By day, Jenelle is a fourth generation teacher–her 15th year teaching. By night, she lives out her childhood passion an eclectic quilter with work featuring everything from traditional paper piecing to a whimsical beer drinking pig. Jenelle frequently uses her own hand-dyed fabrics in her art quilts, many of which are inspired by photos. Here you’ll hear what a proud father has to say about his daughter’s commemorative quilt. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to view quilts made by Jenelle up close at Quiltworks during the month of November. The other part of the showing was Christmas-themed quilts by local quilters. My friend Kristin has one of her holiday favorites there. I am always humbled, encouraged, surprised and now…I am going to start quilting!

It was really happening…a huge turn out of the quilting community. Again Dave, Marilyn, and the crew of QuiltWorks provided great eats, drinks, and prizes. A great sale was had by all and life was sweet in QuiltWorks.

So, here I am still trying to get a grip on my life…but sometimes you just feel upside down and inside out! Now back to crocheting the blanket…I will be up all night to finish it before 7 in the morning! Teach me to play all day…you play, you pay! LOL

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


Comments on: "PrintFriendly" (6)

  1. Thank you so much for the Print Friendly tip. My laptop isn’t connected to a printer either, but I have found on my Mac that I can tell it to print, and save as a PDF. I just tried Print Friendly, much quicker and easier! Thanks.

    • Glad it’s helpful to you too, Tammy. I don’t print out pattern much but this is very helpful for personal viewing on screen too. I love the clean format and user-friendly.

  2. What a great tool for saving web pages! I can think of so many uses for this. Thanks for the tip.

  3. PS – the tamari balls are amazing. With all your origami patience, I’m not surprised you can do tamari, but I am still very impressed!

    • Great eyes, K. Nothing escapes you 😀 I learned it at the annual family retreat 3 years ago and have been obsessed with it ever since. It’s very therapeutic, zen-ly. i am making quite a bit for the holiday…and have an idea of making miniature ones as ear-rings, pendants, and bracelets. Possibility is endless.

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