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Autumn Lovers!

I’ve brought hot cider…been virtually mulling all day in my crock pot with some lemon zest, orange slices, allspice berries, crystallized gingers, maple syrup, cloves, and cinnamon.  Can you smell it?

It’s my favorite time of year. Autumn to me feels like burrowing into the heart of the year, the time of gathering in the rewards of summer’s labor and laying by sustenance and protection against the coming cold.

Everything about the season delights me.  Leaves. Colors.  Smells.  Sounds.  Flavors.  Wild geese.  Flaming mountains.  Azure skies.

I have so many sweet–and sometimes bittersweet–memories of walks, rides, and drives through stunning landscapes that I cannot see a picture of an autumn leaf without a sense of yearning.

Fall is also about loss and mortality–regarded not with sorrow–but with exuberance and flamboyance.  Abandon.  Liberty.  Freedom to explore, to reach for something higher, and yearn for something more.  Beauty and wistfulness intermixed.  How I long to migrate with the birds, go on a long journey.

Does autumn inspires you?  Tell me about it! My favorite time to think about fuzzy sweaters, and colorful yarns!

I found this cute felted project that would make a year-round or a holiday handmade baby gift for a special child–out of old woolen sweaters you never wear, finished objects that are ghastly, or Goodwill/Thrift find that is begging to be made into something else. Wouldn’t they make a cute mobile for a baby’s room!

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Autumn Lovers!" (3)

  1. Oh Yes !!! I *can* smell that cider. Oh how wonderful. Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year also. I just harvested all the tomatoes and made a cooked down purreed base tomato sauce and just put in baggies in the freezer. Harvest finished ! (that’s all i have this year, tomatoes. )

    And the felted old sweater idea… wow… thanks for that ! I am knitting away, because Christmas is around the corner….

  2. Autumn is also one of my favorite seasons! We usually take our two dogs and trailer up the coast to spend the week of Thanksgiving camping. It’s unique to my family, but we love the solitude and yet the companionship of fellow campers that have made the unusual a “new” tradition. This year, I am in a cooking contest with my other half, my turkey will be roasted in my trailer oven, my honey’s will be smoked. Wonder who will win and what our bet will be? Coffee in bed? Maybe!

    Great idea for using up ugly sweaters, I have no babies to gift to, but I’m sure I could RAK a few through the RAK group on Ravelry. I love your inspirations – maybe one day I will make a duct tape dress form…

    • I love your cook-off tradition. Do share the outcome…or even a recipe for the best tastiest turkey 😀

      i am obsessed with Upcycle and there is no shortage of old sweaters around here. It’s a wonderful craft to share with friends, for sure. So is the duct-tape dress form. i love mine…she has become my best friend LOL

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