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Spooky Halloween Marathon

Tonight a lot of cute creatures will visit your door.
Be open minded.
The child who is grabbing more than one piece of candy might have poor motor skills.
The child who takes forever to pick out the candy may have poor motor planning issues.
The child who does not say “Trick or Treat” or “Thank you” may be shy or non-verbal.
The child who looks disappointed when he sees your bowl may have an allergy.
The child who isn’t wearing a costume at all may have SPD (or OCD) or autism (and not be able to tolerate one.)
Be nice.
Be patient.
Its everyone’s Halloween.
Make a mom feel good by making a big deal of her special child.

For some children with challenges, the multi-step process of approaching a house, ringing the doorbell, saying trick or treat, picking some candy, saying thank you, and departing is an overwhelming number of steps to remember.

Such a great post. It totally reminded me of how challenging Halloween was when the kids were much younger. For my son in particular, he was completely confused about why, after ringing the doorbell, he wasn’t allowed in the house? It was a great chance to practice social skills but not error free!

I ADORE HALLOWEEN! The costumes, the pumpkins, the trick or treating, the caramel apples, give it all to me…I just love it!

Halloween is a pivotal and powerful moment in the book, though I won’t say anymore for those who haven’t read it!

Costumes are my favorite part of Halloween, I think.

I spend all month looking forward to seeing everyone’s awesome creations!

My kids and I got together with some of our homeschooled families at the park to bring you this special edition.

Thing One, Thing Two, and Cat in the Hat…Whyyyyyy must you all be such insanely cute?

I didn’t see any ghost or goblin here tonight…or did I?

Of course, Halloween is Evil…you should have seen the loot of sweets in the pillowcase my youngest came home with after trick-or-treating…

Way evil…

Anyone dress their babies up for Halloween today?

It was so sad when my 13-year-old decided to be bah humbug about Halloween ‘cuz she was too large for Halloween! From not going to trick-or-treat this year and staying home for our own candies and movie-night, my son and I were the early trick-or-treaters, arrived at my friend Myria’s home at 4 p.m.

First stop was The Bulletin

greeted by this adorable, dressed up four-legged staff

Honestly, that’s a bit disappointing as we’re under the notion that there were many offices to visit under one roof…passing out treats. Instead, there was just this one.

This was one heck of expensive treat for the special drive. As a consolation, we picked up two nice-size rolls of unused newspapers for craft.)

I attempted to take more Halloween pictures but encountered technical difficulties with Object Too Dark message for most of the evening…by the time we got to Cali’s (Myria’s sister,) the battery went dead and the spare was exhausted earlier in the day at the park. The best was in the second half, of course. I really should know better…Below is a shot of the kids playing a prank on our good friend, Kristin and her family. We let the kids off around the corner, had them walked up and rang the doorbell by themselves. What a surprise. We all had a great laugh.

This one on Pinterest by Katie Schmidt–putting the little guy in a pot and carried around by Chef Mama is a hit!

The boys all said it’s Best Halloween ever! Kids are funny.

A magnificent day, indeed.

Now it’s time for a sugar-free nap. Do you have any special traditions or fun things to mark this holiday?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


Comments on: "Spooky Halloween Marathon" (4)

  1. The sorting, the sorting! I love that part. Delightful pics!

    • Definitely the highlight of the evening. They did their trading and gifting too. It was great fun to T&T around our neighborhood this year instead of driving to the most popular one in town. I was thankful with the surprised twist of the day…we weren’t going to do T&T this year. Thank goodness for Goodwill–we were able to find a costume for the boy and an vintage apron for me 😀 (I was so ready to clean house LOL)

  2. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Sadly, last year I gave away most of my decorations to a friend with two little ones. Most of the children in my neighborhood have grown up, so there is no reason to decorate or turn on the porch light. I loved your costume, so original!

    • Two weeks ago, my children decided they weren’t going to T&T this year. They had picked movies and planned out the evening. We even bought bags of candies for them. I was just telling my friend K that I will have to part with shelves and shelves of decoration. In the last minute, we were invited to T&T with a friend and her family. Along the way, a neighbor tagged onto our T&T train. It was fun and not so cold than it could have been. It was good. However, this may really be the last T&T for us :0( I’ll so miss it though.

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