A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Here’s something I haven’t seen before. “I invent situations, cities, and worlds to be explored to make sense of our own.”~~Béatrice Coron

With scissors and paper, Béatrice Coron, an accomplished paper cutter artist, cut stories and creates intricate worlds, cities and countries, heavens and hells. (Picture below: Courtesy of Béatrice Coron)

Striding onstage in a glorious cape cut from Tyvek, Ms. Coron describes the creative process and the way her stories develop from snips and slices.


She takes a piece of paper. She visualizes a story. Sometimes she sketches. Sometimes she doesn’t.

And as the image is already inside the paper, she just has to remove what’s not from that story. There’s always a story…a lot of possibilities, a lot of scenarios. She takes a lot of images from our global imaginations, from keepsakes, from history, from things we are thinking about.

So be a narrator today. Tell a story. Make a story to make sense of the world. Let our mind reconnect with the essentials. Thanks, TED, for the inspiring tale, Béatrice Coron: Stories cut from paper | Video on TED.com

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Fold and Cut Magic: Be a Narrator through Paper Cutting" (1)

  1. LOVE THIS!!!

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