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Experience the Fiber Magic

in All Ways Wild and Wooly

Did I mention I encountered another Attack of the Fiber Fanatics? Retreat, Retreat! The weather and setting was so beautiful.

Reliving all the lovely sights would recharge my batteries!

Here…it’s all about giving. I am thankful for the wonderful home-roast/brew coffee, margarita, homemade soups, salad, bread, sweet…fiber goodies and more everyone brought to share.

We celebrated not only what we remember but what we pass along to others now. (Below is LeAnn‘s latest vest for her beautiful daughter Jo in Autralian Pear tree Chunky)

There is always a project just right for teaching. LeAnn walked Philippa–a 100% beginner–through the process of creating a lovely, gartered scarf…simple yet with big impact. (It was done before the retreat was over!)

We love passing along our passion and skill (Amy’s Shibori over-dyed silk scarf)

along with a love of texture and color,

the thrill of a new idea,

Thanks Connie for being my cooperative, patient model and Ruth my wonderful assistant (not pictured!)

the confidence to try anything

This intimidated tool deserves its own post later 😀

and the satisfaction of a job well done.

The phenomenal retreat brought people together (here you have Bunny the accomplished violist/fiddler, her friend Lynne, and Ruth knitting in the background.)

dramatically different knitters

historical (and/or hysterical) spinners

become like family (Isn’t Judi Sandberg’s baby adorable…and yes, Judi made it out with her friend Shoshana.)

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded what relaxing weekends are all about. Peaceful, knitting moments with friends

Isn’t LeAnn amazing–with a kick in the eye by one of her sheep Angelo–kept knitting and spinning in between ice packs?  This is one good example/reminder why I must leave sheep in the fold of a great shepherd, like the generous hostess Pam Moss!

Rest…laughter…friendship…and mountain views beauty…what else is there? A smashing success. We had three full days of wonderful, laughter-filled meals, great fiber play, a comedy movie…the time of our lives. The mix of folks was perfect. At the end of the weekend, there was so much hugging it felt like a family reunion! YOU may be a part of the next retreat. (Can ya tell Nancy was fighting a good fight with her stomach pain!)

Thanks to all the amazing, inspiring ladies who attended the retreat and helped to make the fellowship so enjoyable. (Sorry I didn’t get you in the photos: Donna, Barb, Judi, Shoshana, and Echo!)

I learned a few more new fibery things which I will share more in details in coming days.

I really love learning more about my fiber passion. But, what I so look forward to (and miss after the retreats end) are the people. I don’t think that I laugh as much as I do at a retreat than anywhere else! It’s wonderful to be in a room with 8-10 or more women sharing our knitting/fiber passion, exchanging stories, sipping margarita (or other libations,) and our life experiences with others. Thanks for a memoriable weekend. I seriously cried when I left. I can’t wait for the next one! Same bat time, same bat channel.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


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  4. What a great job you have done chronicling our weekend adventure! You are such a great friend Sarah, thank you!

    • I am only thankful that you still came after the ordeal you have to put up with the very same morning. Can’t wait for our next get-together, sweetie.

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