A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

trying to stay in balance.

The point raised yesterday was that I did what I needed to do. Despite my annoyance that I hadn’t done any of the things I thought I wanted to do, I did do the things that needed to be done.

And that, some days, is a massive achievement.

When I woke yesterday, I didn’t think Hey today I will start to conquer my phobia about driving or climb the butte.

Life doesn’t really work that way.

I don’t often achieve what I thought I wanted to, but as collateral benefits, I do the things that actually need doing, like taking the girls to meet up with a friend at Fall Festival

So when I got up this morning, after another restless night and poor sleep, I thought, let’s just take today one moment at a time.

One minute,

one hour at a time.

Life happens in increments.

Blossom Merz from Wolf Creek, OR, aka Weaving Monk, has been weaving for 15 years.
His gorgeous capes may be seen and purchased at Etsy too.

Sometimes I need to do the little things first.

So, a new day every day.

I don’t do the whole motivational stuff.

That’s something I may hang onto.

A mountain is never climbed in one leap, in seven league boots.

It’s climbed in slow, steady steps…with rests and basecamps and time to enjoy the scenery, smell the roses.

In this path, I can’t see anything of the road ahead.

I have no idea what road I am traveling on.

I know where I am headed, true, but not where I am on the journey.

Sometimes it’s important to stop worrying about Am I there yet?

Remember, every day a new start…

The Bank of the Cascades Fall Festival presented by The Source Weekly offers the perfect opportunity to spend a day of distraction in downtown


soaking up some culture. (The must-haves: Best of Jury winner Reiko Archer’s nuno felted scarves by REI Garden, upcycled vintage jackets by Bella Sisters, stylish repurposed hats by Flood Clothing…and glorious felted & knitted hat designs by Ingrid Ostheller will be in separate posts over next couple of days.)

I was surprised to run into the inlaws, my nephews-in-law Joel, Cory & his girlfriend’s gem.

There are a variety of performances/family activities for visitors to choose from.

Gourmet Oktoberfest fare to complete the ultimate Oktoberfest Experience

And don’t worry about a babysitter, bring the kids to Fall Festival!

Workshops designed especially for children abound, taking place throughout the weekend.

These events will engage the kids with hands-on fun,

and themed activities

While you’re in town for Fall Festival tomorrow

don’t miss these other opportunities to improve your experience

and round out your weekend.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)

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