A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Do you love ponchos? Are you terrified to admit it in knitting and crochet circles for fear of being lynched?

Let’s face it, ponchos are not PC right now. To admit that you love ponchos may be downright dangerous in some circles!

What is WRONG with the word PONCHO? I mean a few years ago everybody loved them…spent LOTS of money on yarn for them…searched patterns for them…wore them in PUBLIC and now???? Where did they go? What’s the deal?

Since the season is here, I want to show my sweet poncho-like pullover…written for six sizes from 28″ to 48″…a sassy pattern that may be used for mothers and older daughters alike.

Mine in Extra Small–held double–used up 6.6 balls (429 grams or 673 yards) of Patons Silk Bamboo and 2.6 balls (221 grams or 653 yards) of Caron Spa.

This lacy one-piece, flat-knitting project is very easy to memorize and seamless. Good for someone who has never knit a sweater as a first project. Created by talented knitwear designer Heather Dixon, Andromeda–part of the Space Cowboy winter collection–will be available from Knit Culture Studio late October and for an exclusive period. I LOVE everything about this. The drape and feel is absolutely wonderful, blocked or unblocked. My composition doesn’t do the clever, elegant design justice (and I wore mine differently.) Sorry, Heather!

Andromeda suggests freedom, liberty, and art. I love ponchos and I’m proud of it! It’s one that will pass the popularity and fashion test (shown unblocked here.)

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "I Love Ponchos (and I’m not Afraid to Admit it!)" (3)

  1. […] issue; as everyone who owns his/her favorites also has those presets. Unless we have designers (like Heather Dixon) ambitious enough to go further and dream a little bigger, we’ll end up with the same style […]

  2. What a versatile piece to add to any wardrobe, awesome.

    • THANKS. I love it actually more when it was not blocked out. This one’s going to my MIL so I get to pick out of my handspun for mine.

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