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Swirly Harvest

It’s sweater weather, people. Get out your pumpkins, rake some leaves, and knit something for fall!

So, it’s warmer outside than in today…I opened some windows…and I’m still wearing the wool sweater..debating whether weather? Does the change in weather change your knitting habits? (This Portland Knitterati, with medium-full chested frame, is about 5’6″. She’s totally in love with the swirl and will knit one as soon as she’s finished with her sister’s scarf.)

I knit all year round but do tend to work up smaller-gauge projects in the summer. When the weather blissfully cools, I am far more likely to take up bigger projects. I usually make at least three or four sweaters each winter; summer is another story. This summer was definitely an exception. (Beverly, president of Portland Bobbin-Lace Society, here is 5’9 to 5’10, with average frame. She was head-over-heels and went to get her own Knit, Swirl at one of the vendors on Saturday!)

I really appreciate these beautiful cool fall days with an intense joy than when I lived in Northern California with “perfect” weather. My cooking habits change too when the weather cools. More soup and stew! How do your creative habits change when the weather cools?

My Colors of Aura had a delightful swirly tour over the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival weekend, tried out by many knitters/spinners. I managed to take only these photos. Hope it helps you gauge the right size that will flatter you most.

Drape right-way-up or upside-down for countless appealing looks. This relaxing design not only was a favorite project to knit, but, my favorite wearable too! You can wear it so many different ways. So versatile, adorable, and fashionable!  Darn to try?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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