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Swirl ’til You Drop

I was treading molasses whenever I could last week. Busy as a bee…Color of the Aura (aka Coat of Many Colors) is indeed finished, unblocked!

Slogged through over 100 rounds, 500+ stitches each.

The second swirl went unbelievably slow…seemed to take much longer to get through than my first.

There was a lot of stop-n-go…manually shoveling bunch-up stitches around frequently in each welt. In Sheer Beauty, the stitches just glided.

The finished swirl is heavy. It consumed over 1500 yards of my hand-painted/hand-dyed Lion Brand Superwash Cashmere Blend yarn.

I love the feel the the yarn–sweet to knit with–but not sure about how much cashmere is left after a few wear. Each time I handle it, more fuzzes I find. This is where I think it’s a result of knitting a lofty yarn in finer gauge…more to experiment on this line of thought process, fact finding. Maybe an experienced spinner/weaver would have an answer for me?

I digress…the swirl has been bathed, conditioned, shaped, and dried. I will be back with modeled posts over next few days. Meanwhile, Sandra’s insightful blocking tutorial is now available. I hope to read up on it in more detail when I am caught up here…apparently, the cleaning fairy didn’t come around my home in the last two weeks?! What gives?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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