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Enabler Alert

If you don’t want to get into dyeing then start running now! I will have you in it thick!

Poppin’ in the Dye Studio at Pam’s…I have been quite a busy bee today. My efforts (here and here) at dyeing continues!!

Here are the results of few more efforts to my swirl, replacing the pinks, the greens, and the grays. GOALS: Brilliant Red, Turquoise, and adding more bluish-purple I painted a couple of weeks ago. OUTCOMES: Two-color variegated blue/purple, heather blue/purple, magenta, and Christmas green…not quite what I planned but still love them.

The rovings are alpaca, dyed in some leftover violet, brilliant & Sea breeze blue, Golden Pear, and Saffron–with pleasing effect.

Dyeing fiber to spin are TONS-O-FUN!!! People really get creative with the ways they apply the dye, how they heat it, etc., and time certainly flies when you’re having fun dyeing!

But, did you know that you may over-dye any previously dyed yarn? I have done it successfully a few times. It works out great. If your yarn turned out extremely dark, you might combine it with a second strand of a lighter yarn and knit them together. But, do NOT wash the over-dyed yarn in a bath of water and Clorox/bleach to lighten up the color like some folks have done. It will destroy your wool!

I love looking at, feeling and the smell of yarn! Don’t you?

I really enjoy crafting with others. The sharing of ideas, tips, tricks, complaining about life’s vows, celebrating life’s successes, and laughs is very rewarding.

These days it is all about color for me–classic shapes that showcase intense color, beading, or something exciting and different about them. I also am a sucker for interesting construction in a design, and love lace passionately.

Girl time is swell! I thank God for the extraordinary gift of knitting, spinning, dyeing, felting, and crocheting.! For the ability to wrap my friends and family in knitted love, for the peace that comes from quiet knitting and the joy that comes from knitting with friends!  Thanks, Kristin, Pam and Lynn.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Enabler Alert" (3)

  1. Wow… wow…wow ! Gorgeous yarn, and roving… and *so YOU* . This hand-dyed yarn trend is making it so easy and accessible, I have to try it. I have always spun my yarn from dyed roving or locks, but I think I just have to buy some purchased bare yarn and try it like you do. It just looks so much more vivid. I’m likely to emmulate the dyed-over-fleece by dying a light grey or buff heather stock yarn, just as I love to dye brown eggs on easter… lovely earthtones…unbelievable. Fuscia over cream or light brown??? Yum ! Or yes, over other colors… over ANYTHING !

    Backstory :On another post you asked about experience with natural dyes , and what I’d like to try, and I think I’ll just answer here. Okay, I have dyed with logwood, and hand-gathered acacia blossoms. I can’t remember the mordant, but probably just vinegar. I think the color was drab. I would love, love, love to do indigo.. that is more my style !!! (I’d love to be able to *grow* it first) . I have gathered the moss in the Sierras to dye (was going to do an amonia ferment) but I never did it. I gathered madrone bark peeled off the tree, and never did that. I collected onion peels for about a year… and eventually tossed them. I can’t understand why, except that I’ve just fallen in love with Fair Isle and things more colorful in my Forties, and my natural dyed attempts are usually very subdued. Mordants are everything, and yet, so many of them are not really healthy to handle, so I have mixed feelings. I have to say, I’ve become rather fond of using only wool and silk and dying with Jaquard and Dharma acid dyes.

    I love tracking your posts Sarah… what a treat they are.

    • Are you back from your family reunion, Jen? Hope it was fabulous and relaxing LOL You got me interested in that spot and am thinking how I can squeeze it in before the harsh cold front rolls in.

      I only dye with KA, Walton, and food coloring at home, but, love dyeing with Prochem at my friend’s fiber shop out of her ranch home whenever I can. The result is much intensely richer and with consistent outcome, more or less. I did natural dyeing with Judith McKenzie and 10 other gals–4 full days retreat of spinning, dyeing in every way possible, and processing raw fleece…two summers ago in Hood River. We did play with lichen, indigo, and some others escaped me at the moment. It was heavenly. I have yet to knit them though. Hmmmmm…time to dig them out and make something out of them!

      My good friend have been playing with natural dyes mainly with fabric and embroidery threads with great success. I suspect your reason for delaying such experiment is the extra preparation/planning you have to do to start. Also, I find it more fun and motivating to do with others (even with just one friend.) Have a dyeing party, invite people over…doing it outdoor when weather is nice. Am I helping? LOL

      Thanks so much for the cheer, Jen. I love your comments/feedback. It’s so nice to be heard sometimes and not feeling I am only one reads my journal. Happy holiday!


      P.S. Do you get my replies to comments through WordPress? I recently discovered that someone replied to my comment that I won a prize a week later when I dropped in her blog. I now wonder if mine has ever reached my readers?! I hate for you and others think that 1) I am rude and 2) you are under-appreciated :0(

  2. […] finished swirl is heavy. It consumed over 1500 yards of my hand-painted/hand-dyed Lion Brand Superwash Cashmere Blend […]

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