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Colors of the Aura Swirl

Finally here! Ready to cast on another swirl.

My new electric ball winder was put to work

Yarn is wound

My Knit, Swirls pattern is in front of me! Needles are chosen

It took awhile to swatch, playing with color placement and gauge. The 8″ by 10″ swatch’s been properly conditioned (read here for details.)

Though the swirl wouldn’t be in exact color sequence shown, it gave me clear ideas what I like and don’t like when pairing colors together. So far, it took nearly a hank for the 537-stitch cast on and completion of first welt.

My personal interpretation of Coat of Many Colors may not be a showstopper jacket, but, I can assure you it’s easy to knit…yet looks complicated with great instructions in a gorgeous book. Gotta love that.

We had our not-back-to-school potluck at Camp Meadow yesterday.

Great locale,

perfect weather,

as always, yummy/abundant food,

awesome companies–enjoying old and new friends–what more can I ask for!

It was another fabulous evening

fantastic way to wrap up the summer.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


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