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Fresh, Sweet and Smooth

as a tomato. Have you seen Cat Bordhi‘s new short-row, no gap, no-wrap heel construction, Sweet Tomato Heel?   A month ago, Cat has released a brand new e-book introducing her brand new basic and padded Sweet Tomato Heels for the first time.

I am a huge fan of Cat and have every printed book of hers ever published.  I have never done it with socks but have applied similar short-row technique on hats, bags, and sleeves on garments. So, today, I decided to give it a try on my son’s socks, replaced heel-flap in the pattern I knitted here last week.

It was very straight-forward, 2-at-a-time/magic loop–1/3 of stitches to insteps, 2/3 of stitches to soles. I made mine with 64 stitches around with 43-stitch heel and 2.5 wedges. Smooth, clean, relaxing, and absurdly easy.

In a standard short-row heel, your stitches become less with each row of knitting until there is about 1″ (less or more as desired) left in center then you increase/expand the gusset on outward edges. Here in Sweet Tomato, you may knit full wedge (in my case 16 stitches) on either side of center/un-work stitches on 1st wedge, then say 8 stitches on 2nd wedge, and 10 stitches on 3rd wedge. Change up the order or number stitches to work between wedges, decrease or increase number of wedges as you wish to achieve the ultimate form-fitting heel. Very flexible. Great hours of playing fun.

The outcome is more stretchy than a regular short-row heel…probably ‘cuz mine is in twisted rib rather than stockinette or padded slip-stitch heel as demonstrated in the tutorials (padded version here.)

It can be easily inserted into any sock pattern, regardless original design calls for cuff-down, toe-up, heel flap, fleegle, or a short row heel.

I like the look and comfort of this heel a lot, but as with the personal footprints, be prepared to have to make adjustments. I am always on a look-out for really great techniques and will definitely use Sweet Tomato Heel more often on socks when appropriate.

THANKS, Cat, for your generous gift! By the way, I love the concealed wraps and will probably still use it in future projects. 😀

Have a fabulous weekend…Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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