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Homeward Bound II

12 legs sock reminded me of Homeward Bound II directed by David Ellis, voiced by Michael J. Fox, Sally Field, Ralph Waite…Love this seamless project. Love these cuff-down socks.

I tested out the small version for Jeannie Cartmel on one 47″ Addi Turbo circular needles, magic loop, two-at-a-time.

By the time I was ready to cast on, the pattern was pretty much clean out and edited. Charts are very easy to read. Cable turns are intuitive and logical. The β€œresting” row between them is balanced. I love the intricate cables and these kept my interest when knitting them. The design is very addictive. The flap heel construction actually came out surprisingly fitting. I love it even more as the pattern comes charted only, no line-by-line to proof-read during testing phase πŸ˜€

Half a skein, great looking, graceful flow of the cables and terrific way to showcase them, beautiful wool, and quick to complete (even with me accidentally switching charts early on and misreading a suggested modification by the designer to another tester.) The result is elegant and trendy. The socks turned out small but still fit my Woman’s 5-6 feet, yet perfect for my 10-year-old who is delighted with this luxurious wool/bamboo blends, hand-dyed by sweet Laura of Textiles a Mano, my home-away-from-home. πŸ˜€ The pattern is really easy to follow. I may never wear these with shoes.

1) I used smaller needles (2.0 mm) than recommended 2.5 mm mainly because my petite feet (woman’s 5.5-6.)
2) moved one stitch over to sole to even out stitches to 28 (instead of 29 and 27) before toe-shaping.
3) Added 3rd round between toe-shaping increase until 20 stitches left on the needles for each sock. Did anatomical toes.

When I knit another pair for me, I would
1) Use 2.5mm or larger needles for leg to heel.
2) Knit ribbed cuff to 1” instead of .5”.
3) Add one more repeat of Chart A for longer leg AND another 1.5” stockinette rounds before toe-shaping.

Foot Length 7.25”, as worn 9” (1” from heel flap;) Heel-to-Cuff 7.25” ended up to as worn 5.5” in length
Cuff .5”; Arch 8” as worn 11”; Toe 2.25”; widest Foot/Cuff 6.5” Circumference, as worn 8.75”

I spent roughly 15 hours on the testing. To knit another pair now with all the clarity, it would take me about 8-10 hours.

I am definitely adding this to my holiday knit to-do list…

and can’t wait to make another pair for myself.

Have a fabulous weekend…Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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