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Have you ever wondered How big is a woman’s small, medium, or large in U.S. size alone?  In Knit, Swirl, designer Sandra McIver described the models in the photographs wore a medium.  What does that mean, really? Here shown in the post is one of a few ways I like to swear my swirl, based on Sandra’s guide Size 2 Medium.

I find clothing sizes vastly varies. According to Wikipedia, a standard woman’s Medium is 8-10

Bust: 35 – 36″
Waist: 27.5 – 28.5″
Hip: 38.5 – 39.5″

In Land’s End measurement guide, its standard for the size is 10-12

Bust: 36.5 – 38″
Waist: 30/31 – 31.5/32.5″
Low Hip: 39.5 – 41″

In American Apparel, same woman’s Medium is 4-6

Bust: 32 – 34″
Waist: 27 – 28″

These represent just a fraction of sizing companies use. Then, there is my own experience knitting shop samples for yarn shops. Size Medium sweater is around 35″ bust to fit store mannequins. For a pair of leggings I knitted recently, Medium’s low waist was 28.25″ and full hip 35″.

I wonder how I can ever shop/knit for anyone correctly?! This is one label I vote for standardization, folks.

Tomorrow, I will show the rest of ways to wear a swirl. It’s been a fun ride 😀

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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