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Mystical Gauge

Last Wednesday night, I cast on a pair of legwarmer hoping to add some 80’s flair to my teen’s outfit in the fall! It worked up rather quickly but I came up against a challenge…I followed the instructions exact using the right type of wool and needles and finished the ribbing and one repeat of the motif the same night. When I tried to put them around my leg they are wider than the prototype!

Whenever a knitted item needs to fit, it’s important to check my gauge. I know. Gauge is critical to many. I’m aware of how being off by even a little bit can really throw off the size of my finished project. This is particularly important when the legwarmers are in cables. They don’t allow for much stretching.

Funny though…my issue is the opposite! How and why?

Maybe I am a loose-tension knitter, after all! What do you think?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Mystical Gauge" (2)

  1. Those are really pretty, but you must be a very loose knitter. Me? I’m the tightest knitter you’ll ever meet – I swear it! I try and try and try to loosen my gauge and relax but have yet to find the way I can successfully loosen up and be consistent.

    • I am a relaxed crafty for sure, Tammy, often doing it over a glass of wine 😀 I decided to downsize the needle to 7 and it’s a little better. Though, I like the cable look better when it was in Size 8. So, I’ll see how it goes from here when it’s off the needles.

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