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Everyone is a Genius

But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.~~Albert Einstein

Goodbye, July. And hello, August.  I find myself saying it after every month…it just keeps forgin’ ahead faster and faster.  Life is like a roll of toilet paper, don’t you think–it goes faster and faster as you get closer to the end.  I digress…Looking back at July, all I can think of was three knitterly projects finished.  Two cardigans (this and that) and one legging2700+ yards in all. Instead of stressing about how it appears unproductive, be scratch-happy of the process. This prompts me to ponder about the act of knitting itself and how I approach projects and eventually how I review them. It also makes me realize how much my life has changed and how it affects my knitting, talking, and pondering about these things is important–at least it is important to me.

I don’t finish all the fiber-y projects I start. I used to, I used to fight my way through each ’til the bitter end…but no more. This, I suspect, reflects the changes that I have gone through as a knitter since I started the blog and is a confluence of 1) being more aware of my tastes as a knitter and 2) the availability of other patterns to replace the one I did not finish with. Both factors are undeniably connected with blogging about all fiber-y things

The former ‘cuz I deeply think about what I make daily and why I like, or dislike, a project. It’s easier for me now to recognize when a project isn’t working for me and why to continue making it is an exercise of futility.

The latter is something more physical. I have a To Be Knit mountain of patterns readily available for me to tap into. These are designs that I both bought (and, boy, do I buy a lot of them) and received for test knit/shop sample from designers or store owners.  Before starting the blog, my TBR was minimal.  Now it contains more than a thousand books (an understatement,) magazines, and leaflets. Knowing that they are there, loads of them waiting to be knit, makes it definitely easier for me to quit knitting a project. There is that to be taken into consideration.  Such decision does not come lightly.

There are several reasons why I do not finish a project.  They vary wildly.  It could be ‘cuz the design is uninspiring or the constructions don’t ring true.  Or because the process is not interesting or lacks inherent logic.  I am not above pet peeves either.    Sometimes even one little thing will make me put the project away for good.  Sometimes I quit it only after a few rows.  Sometimes it takes me way longer.

Above all though, the majority of patterns I do not finish these days are those that fall in that more mid-range category of designs.  The ones that I hardly care about, one way or the other. Which means that sometimes I will finish a project even when I think it is REALLY bad or when it revolts me.  Part of it derives from the fact that I want to be able to properly review them and feel I can only do that if I finish making them.  A gal needs all the ammunition she can get 😀

How about you? Do you always finish the knitting you start? If not, what makes you stop? If you have a blog, do you review them anyway?

Funny how a simple, short evening stroll

along the golf course could spawn such a huge revelation!

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Everyone is a Genius" (2)

  1. IBEAUTIFUL STUFF Sarah ! Oh, I definitely *want* and fully *intend* to finish everything. In the past I fell into procrastination out of inexperience with my own impatience. Now I just trudge along, and while I might start more and new and thrilling and *different* projects all before the completion of others, I still am finishing, though , it does take longer. Much longer. I believe surfing the wave of creativity is much more valueable than ignoring it. Some of us are highly creative and squirrelly, while others highly committed and disciplined. I am the former by personality, wanting to strengthen into the other by choice.

    • I agree with your sentiment, Jen. Embracing creativity is much better than simply missing the opportunity. I am all for self-improvement and happy whenever I learn a new thing, no matter how small it may seem. Only wish there are another 24 hours in a day LOL

      Wanting to finish everything you’ve started is a wonderful intention. But, I have heard it over so many times from others how guilty they feel when they have WIPs accumulated for a long time, neglected. There has to be a balance. Giving ourselves permission to simply enjoy the process and discovery is essential.

      Thanks for sharing your thought with me, Jen. Have a wonderful day.

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