A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Traditional + Modern

= a stylish, fabulous lace look that would also give enough coverage to afford a cardigan some warmth.

Some patterns just stick with you. Agi’s Wish Me Luck is one of those captivating smart knitted patterns for me. I love everything about it: the small-scale, the light DK weight…Even a simple lace pattern like this is a thing of beauty.

I didn’t make any major change to the design or use different decreases than Agi has written. The classy, timeless horseshoe lace has a balance of style and versatility.

I chose Manos del Uruguay Serena for several reasons. For this garment, I wanted a yarn that would be soft but sturdy, have great stitch definition, came in great colors, and that would allow someone to get the most use out of it as well as holding up well over time. I debated between this and MadelineTosh but opted for the alpaca blend to meet the designer’s desire and warmth I was looking for.  It only took 718 yards (or 188 grams) versus 1220 yards per pattern.

Contrary to basic lace knitting tips you may have received, this was my portable knitting project while watching a television show. However, I try not to stoop in the middle of a row and always note the last row I’ve finished knitting.

For this project, almost any needle works well. With the sport-weight yarn, I didn’t have to worry as much about using a pointier tipped needle. I tend to use circulars because it allows me to balance the weight better as the pieces get larger. My only suggestion with circulars is to make sure you have a smooth join so the yarn will not snag as you slide the knitting off the cable onto the needle.

I love lace and cardigans. All of us deserve sweaters that perfectly fit and flatter us. As a woman in today’s culture, it is impossible to see myself in an unbiased way. I can’t help by am obsessed with some part of her body. Hubby keeps telling me what I don’t see are my natural assets?!

I am learning to stick with sweaters that enhance my attractiveness and de-emphasize those bottom-heavy/proportionally shaped problem areas.  With my hips and thighs proportionally larger than the rest of the body, my solution is to draw visual interest to top of the sweater. It is the very reason why I am fond of color-work, lace, or textured designs across 1) the shoulders or bust line and 2) vertical or plain patterning at the hemline.

The Wish Me Luck cardigan’s instructions are given bottom-up in seamless knitting construction (you join the back and sleeves where the set-in starts.)  The pattern can be easily changed for a top-down knit.   Mind you–it was not without temptation to convert it to a top-down, seamless cardigan to avoid the mandate, time-consuming seaming up.

Once the body, sleeves, and button bands are finished, blocked, and seamed, stitches are picked up–starting from one band, around neck edge, and to end of other side of the button band to knit a simplified horseshoe lace.

It’s a delight to knit for a fine result.

Sophisticated all-over lace.

Here I am…supposedly on vacation…already itchin’ to test another Agi’s delicious design…Help me, please!

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Traditional + Modern" (6)

  1. Your cardigan is really beautiful ! I’m also testing it, in Drops Alpaca, grey color… I hope mine will be as beautiful as yours 🙂

    • Thank you, Nathalie. I really do love the solid to show off the lace crisp and clean. Yours will be very elegant. i look forward to seeing yours finished 😀

  2. […] back at July, all I can think of was three knitterly projects finished.  Two cardigans (this and that) and one legging–2700+ yards in all. Instead of stressing about how it appears unproductive, […]

  3. Sarah, it’s an honour to be the designer of a pattern you choose to knit. Beautiful cardigan, wonderful pictures…

    • THANK YOU, Agi. I couldn’t have asked for a better test. This has been most rewarding project I’ve done to-date. Keep up the great designing work 😀 I’ll keep a watch on your next inspiring creation 😀

  4. Such a wonderful cardigan and beautiful pictures! I enjoyed reading and viewing your post! Love it!
    Bye Claudia

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