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It Snapped!!!

Our serpentine belt

We finally got the van loaded up and on the road to the valley earlier this afternoon (two hours later than intended)…just 20 miles outside Sisters into no-man’s land, hubby heard a snap and noticed the alternator light came on.

Do NOT keep driving if your belt snapped! Besides losing power steering, we weren’t getting battery charge. The engine was overheated at rapid rate as the belt spins the AC compressor, alternator, water pump and power steering. We thought it was going to explode! Hubby wanted to keep driving…I had to knock some mega sense into him to get him turned around. It’s that woman’s intuition. He managed to turn the van around without power steering to first gas station in sight.

At first, the mechanic said he was overloaded with deadlines to help on Friday afternoon. After calling around for a place to fix our crisis for 45 minutes, waiting for the engine to cool, having our 10-year-old put on supposedly a sad face (the word supposedly)

the mechanic had a sudden change of heart and came for the rescue

He did a little magic, got parts ordered and delivered within an hour…$250 later…the van was good enough to be driven to the valley. It’s scheduled for further assessment on Monday while in the valley for more damages. From what I read now, the 10-minute limped driving causes near 10,000 miles worth of wear on the engine. This is an expensive trip. How’s the saying go? When it rains, it pours?

Lesson? Make sure I keep the following things in the car

  • 1. Road Flares
  • 2. Water (check)
  • 3. Cell phone (check)
  • 4. Flash light (check)
  • 5. Reflectors
  • 6. Jumper cables (check)
  • 7. Umbrella (not that it rains just to block the heat – check)
  • 8. A hand held game for the kids (check)
  • 9. First Aid kit with blanket (check)
  • 10. Sturdy pair of sneakers (in the event I have to walk – check)
  • And of course the basics…tire, iron jack, spare tire (full size not a donut) oil, anti-freeze.

Today was very difficult, stressful, infuriating, upsetting, and bittersweet. The night is lovely, quiet, and cool. I’m thankful we are alive, safe, and well.  I am closing my eyes and dreaming of somewhere I’d like to be. Maybe Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, West Indies, Key West, or Australia. No matter where that place might be for you, I hope you get there this weekend…even if it’s only in your dream.

And this is what got me through the unexpected ordeal and kept me calm.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


Comments on: "It Snapped!!!" (2)

  1. Scary!! I’m so glad there was no wreckage. What an ordeal. How was the heat when this was going on? We hit 50 miles of backed-up Virginia freeway today (due to “emergency construction”); managed to get off onto a side route in time to avoid being trapped and only lost about 20 minutes. But everyone else who didn’t was stuck there for half the day for sure. I kept wondering what people do when they unexpectedly find themselves living in their car in 95 degree weather, no toilets, no water, no place to walk to, running out of gas… Your supply kit is a very good idea.

    • Boy…glad you get off a side route, K! It must be full moon :0(

      Definitely warm in the high desert…but only in 70s, humid with breeze. We felt hotter in a full-load of kids, dogs, and personal belongings packed for a week-long trip. There is something cause the snap of the belt and the van is scheduled to be in the shop here on Monday to locate the culprit. We got the oil changed this morning and it was dirty BLACK! The guy didn’t think the coolant was low. That’s good. What a way to spend a good part of our getaway, not to mention the cost of our small fortunate! LOL

      Yep…being stuck somewhere. It brought back some UN-FOND memories of those days driving to Tahoe (from San Francisco) every weekend…I was stuck there once, with hundreds of other skiers in their vehicles, for overnight. It’s amazing how we all survived. Some abandoned their vehicles. I always stock my car with emergency supplies and a good survivor blanket, water, and dried food…never too safe/prepared (learned that from my mom, the worrywart LOL)

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