A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Sunny, dry, in mid 80s…I couldn’t ask for better weather. When Kristin came knocking on the door at 6:40 a.m. and I was still in dreamland (totally exhausted from the event night before.)

It was around low 40s. I knew then I was in for a welcoming, delightful summer day when it started out cool! (You won’t believe it took me 10 minutes to point out to a group of passerby the Fork, Knife, Spoon art!!!)

It’s not often that an experience leaves me speechless.

But the world’s largest outdoor quilt show–36th Annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show–is an exception.

a small town, but a big show…(quilt collection exhibited below were this year’s Stitchin’ Post Employees Challenge.)

The most incredible display of quilts I’ve ever seen.

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show presents its show every year which gives time to acquire a bevy of beautiful quilts,

wonderful vendors

and outstanding raffle quilt

designed by our very own Eric Gunson

and a raffle for this cool Patchwork Cruiser, by a new bike shop in Sisters Blazin Saddles.

Besides absorbing the excitement of Quilt Show, I came to Sisters for this one particular store and conducted more serious research

That’s right….what would a quilt show be without a little shopping?

Us girls gotta do some serious FABRIC shopping every once in awhile! We all went a little nuts at the same shop. It was a little funny…there was a lot of Oooh! I want that! Toss me one! fat quarters were flying back and forth across the store. I had so much fun meeting so many great fabric crafters and quilters.

Stitchin’ Post is an amazing shop full…I mean wall-to-wall full of gorgeous quilting fabrics, in all the right designers and color ways!

It won a place in my heart, with great selection in fabrics and, most importantly…very friendly customer service.

Are you ready for more? Do you have your ice cream? Alright, let’s go.

There were at least 1,400 quilts exhibited

from all corners of the world

four different countries and thirty-five states…and this one, believe it or not, made by a 10-year-old!

The feeling in this space was reverential

…almost as if I was entering a cathedral. (What would my neighbors say if my yards were dressed with such quilted beauties?!)

There was nothing to do but look,

and look (another Telamedera’s vibrant wood and fabric art)

and look some more.

This was not just another quilt show hung in rows of pipe and drape.

Here is the raffle quilt for Uganda, hung inside Sisters’ Coffee Company.

and my small contribution to a good cause

This is a work of art and some serious labor

It was great to get up close to the quilts

and see all of the details

Absolutely amazing embroidered, I tell you.

Up next is an overview of another remarkable block challenge. All the fabrics for this quilt contest were donated by Westminster Fibers, one of the show sponsors.

I love seeing history represented in art most, especially in quilts.

thrilled to spend a good amount of chatting at the Teacher’s Tent with Nancy Chong, a nice/lovely fiber artist/historian. I love her stories/history on Hawaiian Applique Quilting.

Nancy’s needle turn technique is a bit different than I have seen. A blob that has all of the basic shapes one needs to master any appliqué shape, straight, hills, valleys–including the very deep and shallow ones you get a lot in Hawaiian appliqué–concave and convex curves. There seems to be less stress on the hand, a good thing. Her technique DVD is on my wishlist.

a good thing I’m not having another baby…’cuz if she were a girl, she’d might just have to suffer well! I’m sure I’d find some excuse to make one. Seriously…Ugh…this makes my heart melt!

Great way to lower the stash

and effectively use stripes to our design advantage

The show had so many amazing quilts

Striking composition, precision piecing, even quilting, great binding and a flat hanging quilt and lots of enthusiasm. A model entrant!

I feel like I was a little too distracted to remember to take pictures!

The highlights I’m sharing here is miniscule

represents what’s pleasing to my specific palette

my current state of mind

with a focus on art quilts…other people’s work, not mine!

There’s inspiration every which way you turn

The extraordinary show becomes bigger and bigger each year!

I am totally amazed by Ann Richardson…what a brain she must have to keep this all flowing like, hmmm, a fine-tuned machine.

I am embarrassed that I didn’t get the name of the maker on these uh-may-zing quilts. I hate for these women/men not to get the recognition they deserve.

But, I had very small fraction of time to browse due to majority of time preoccupied in hanging quilts early in the morning, answering questions/directing visitors as hostess first part of the morning, and selling raffle tickets for a couple of hours.

What a super exciting day it was!

A nice place to see many friends and catch up on quilt talk.

I’m seeing a black-and-white with a splash of color quilt in my future.

It’s so awesome to have friends that enjoy quilting, and I can’t wait to go again next year! Thanks again Kristin for the driving and snack stops. It was such a good, fun, and memorable time!

Hope you all enjoy a glimpse of the show. If you like to walk, this is a show for you.

I wish we could have done it together in person. Next year I promise to give more notice so you may all make arrangements to come.

It’s simply breath taking!

Sisters, Oregon is such a cute little town and a great get-away from the hustle of a big city.

If you’ve never been to Sisters, Oregon, for Quilter’s Affair and Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, you must go!

Have a wonderful day filled with fabrics, nature, food, and fiber…my four favorite things in life!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


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