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Oh and Squeeee


I got my first DSLR earlier this evening!

A Nikon D3100–which does HD and takes 1080p video. It will be awesome.

I was really going to go with Canon; but, the Canon and Nikon I chose and were comparing (which cost the same, give, or take a few bucks) had a few significant differences.

  • 11 pt AF vs. 9 pt on the canon
  • 14.2 megpix vs. 12.2 on the canon
  • Wider ISO range on the nikon

Just minor things, but enough to jump on the Nikon bandwagon. lol

Besides, since I short-circuited the motor of my last Canon, I have been using my teen’s COOLPIX for a few weeks. With her leaving for Connecticut Thursday night for 10 days, there is no time left to get a replacement.

I haven’t had any time, hardly, to figure out all the awesome things that I’ll be able to do with it; but battery charged, I am very excited about reading the user manual, playing with all the settings/features, figuring out how to use it…and hopefully taking some good pictures by Thursday!

On knitting front, sleeves re-knit and seamed. I may be able to get some decent modeled shots tomorrow to share 😀

Have you wandered around Stitchin’ Post this week

and look at all the beautiful quilts,

fabrics, notions, samples, and kits?

How did you spend the hottest day in summer?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


Comments on: "Squeeee!" (2)

  1. Hooray for new camera! What a thrill. I will join you in being the sort of nut who likes to read the manual and learn all the bells and whistles.

    Love the crawdad. As kid I used to catch them and then use them for catfish bait. As an adult I learned they are good to eat.

  2. […] and knitting…with my new toy. […]

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