A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

When I saw the price of pre-made slipper soles, I bought instead a 1/2 pound bag of suede remnants by Tandy Leather Factory at JoAnn for $2.40 (used a 40% discount coupon.)

I do prefer leather over other options.  It’s wonderful and most practical to be able to wear the slippers to the yard without having to put on a pair of shoes.

All the punching with the rotary leather punch is a killer on the hand.  I haven’t been able to find one that is less strenuous.  Some folks complain about the punch merely indenting the surface.  Mine however does punch through the suede–not pushing out a hole completely–it works for what I need.  Don’t spend $10 for the tool if you do only one pair of slippers.  A hammer, nail, and some patience would do the job too.

The cutting, punching, stitching up the soles with artificial sinew is quite time-consuming

The teen’s Uggs Wannabe boots by Cocoknits are now complete…with Organic Element 1″ Wood Purple (#2725)  by Blumenthal Lansing.  I am still in awe how pricey buttons are–$3.25 for a pack of two!

Next Finished Project is these frugal felted clogs for Father’s Day present. I LURVE the new color Heather Green!

It took two full-cycle in the washer to get them felted to size

and another hour of manipulating by hands–shaping and stretching on a 88° day–to fit hubby’s 12.75″ soles.  Keep them tight initially as it they will stretch out over time.

Once dried, there will be suede sewn to their soles.  Maybe this time, the clogs will last for six years! The shoes really talk…it re-affirm how far my knitting/felting skill has come.  Practice does make perfect.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for (drumrollplease)

These are a quick project, but, difficult to get them to look as good as the pattern picture.

I had to pull out parts several times at first.

Pattern called for 2 skeins.  Me?  I used one skein for each pair and had leftovers. Granted, Paton’s typically generous with their yardage than labeled. For the pattern as designed and written, one skein is more than adequate…until you do two-color and/or large version of the loafers.  Perfect project to use scraps… Just keep the yardage in mind.

I made two of the loafers and they both turned out too “baggy” for my small foot and one medium-size intended as a gift.

On the first one, I knitted in Size 8 circular needles in Patons Classic Wool Royal Purple, held strands double.  Each sole weighs 23g or 52 yards; each embellished tap 2g or 4.5 yards. The whole pair weighs 112g or 250 yards.  If you don’t have two circular needles in your stash, don’t go out and buy a new set just for this project.  I knit this pair using magic loop.  Everything worked out just fine, at one 2-hour car sitting.

I wanted the ridge edge to show and knitted a knit row flat after cast on, instead of connecting in a round

The second pair in Royal Blue was knitted on two Size 6 circular needles. Each sole weighs 21g or 48 yards, each e+mbellished tap 2g or 4.5 yards. The whole pair 106g or 237 yards. It’s still baggy as knitted version. So, I felted it again.  It’s something to think about if you’re a loose knitter.

Without doing an actual swatch and much experiment, I’d presume the recommended Malabrigo Worsted yarn is lighter weight than Patons wool used here. I will definitely play more to get a knitted pair just right as pattern.

Revisiting a classic Cole Haan with a clean and sleek knitted pinch penny is just too sweet to lose my affection.

Quality is everything and style, like the sound, is smooth and sophisticated.

It captured the essence of the 20th century spirit with beautifully designed and well-made shoes for the dapper gentleman and lady.  A bit more versatile, IMHO.

Inspired by a passion for innovation and beauty, from authentic handcrafting to the fast-forward excitement 0-degree perspective, Julie thinks of every angle and give each its own design element.

Her level of detail sets Malabrigo Loafers a part on trend fashion, downtown-style that people love to own.

That’s a wrap, folks.  Yep, correct.  Felting are done.  It’s time to divert my attention back to a sweater in progress…Listen to the silence.  Never has it sounded so sweet.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


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  1. What a cobbler you’ve become! I love the elfin boots and the loafers with pennies.

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