A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

I have to add my BRAVA! to the chorus!  Here is an awesome knitted loafer pattern to make for your special guy (or gal!)  They look great with jeans or khakis, or even shorts.

That’s how I comfort myself by knitting when I hit the wall.  Another pattern has sat silently for over a year!  It’s better late than never.

Even down-sizing the needles and knitting the small version, it still turned out big.  No biggy…I like a felted look just as much as the knitted sample.  Modern, stylish, casual comfort to wear on days when you’re working from home or on a day off.  You will love these!

I am thrilled down to my toes.  Another huge success!  Totally seamless too!  The instruction is super easy to follow, fun to knit up… and produced another adorable, cleverly constructed, fashionable pair of penny loafers for roughly $5 (yarn was discounted!)  It makes my heart go flibbet.  Love love love love.  Do I need to say why?  This Royal Purple pair will be presented to the teen’s flute mentor as a small token of our appreciation for her enormous heart.

In most cases, I have no problem following a knitting pattern.  However, the mathematical mind wants to tear everything down, step-by-step, to grasp the design concept.  Julie’s use of short-row shaping is ingenious, like Bev Galeskas has done for these clogs but IMHO better improved.  It’s definitely not a project for beginners.  If you really want to and are fearless, it’s doable.  Remember to have faith and just follow the line-by-line instruction to the letter T.

I plan to sew leather circles under the ball of the foot and heel, as that’s where my slippers usually wear thin first.  Now, where are the heavy-duty sewing needles and threads?

Next pair in Royal Blue was knitted in two circular Size 6 needles.

The knitted version is still roomy for my US 5 to 6-shoe size.  Much better regardless.  It’s going too to the washer for felting tomorrow.  More specifics and modifications to these wonderful slippers to come.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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  1. These are beautiful! Rather sleek compared to the clogs… which I also love!

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