A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Jizzy Jizzy Jazzed

…so thrilled to join in spinning today to see Laura (the brain behind Textiles A Mano,) Jo, Liz again…Mary and Wendy for the first time, plus a couple of familiar faces Janel (showing off her stunning hand-spun quivit, beaded lace cowl) and Laura in her fabulous hand-spun Solar Flare.  A basket of preaches…a very accepting group.  You spin what you spin.  There’s lots of chattin’ and some munchin’.  It was utterly peaceful.  Social spinning is so much fun while one may absorb information and tips like sponges from spinning goddesses!

As you may know, I’m easily distracted by soft, luscious, shiny fibers, an avid voyeur of all things beautiful, and on the look out for daily diversions…

A limited quantity of these cloud-like, exotic braids were dyed and blended by Laura herself.  Last of the two are mine, all mine!  Laura’s choices of stock are overwhelming tempting.  It was hard to not grabbing everything in sight.  She creates some of most delicious, dreamy batts I wanted to take home–be sure to keep your eyes open for them glittery batts at Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR, next week. Thankfully, I left the plastics at home and spent within the limit of what I had in cash!  Here is a small harvest spun and plied on my Cascade drop spindle

Based on the 3-gram, 32-yard sampler, I will be able to knit a substantial lace in a range of 1100 yards out of the two 50-grams braids. It is remarkably bunny soft…buttery goodness!  I was looking at motorized carders last year, but, the price was prohibitive for me. We are talking well over $1000 and in some cases $2000.  I can’t justify that as a hobbyist.  I also would not consider motorizing the carder myself.  That’s not in my skill set.  Nope…absolutely not going there!  I’m not that experienced when it comes to carders.  If I really wanted a motorized version of a carder, I would talk to Pat Green and see what they recommend.  But really, just a hand-carder as it stands has increased my output so much compared to what I did a year before that I don’t need to go there myself.  Besides, good news is that Laura just got more of the fine, exotic fiber in so she would dye and blend me some purple-blue braids in the near future 😀

while on the subject of spinning, here is Bling Me blended by my sweet spinning buddy LeAnn that I have been dying to show the world

The fiber was fun to spin up.  There is a rhythm you must find, but, was such an instant pleasure at seeing the fiber be transformed into yarn

and so easy to ply together with my KCL Dichroic Glass spindle while on the day trip to Portland yesterday.


This small 19-gram hank of sampler measures a meager 80 yards. Though a decent fingering weight (210 yards/50g,) I am contemplating whether or not to leave it as a single and finish it as a single lace. Would it hold up? Or spin it finer and leave it a 2-ply?  Decision. Decision.

Ain’t I lucky to live in an age when i may do for fun what other people did of necessity, and I may do it with an astonishing range of luxury fibres to produce an amazing range of yarns, fabrics, and garments, most of which are totally non-essential in today’s society.

Fiber art and fiber craft are one way in which I may really let myself go, choose whatever seems appropriate for the moment or the mood, improvise up a storm or turn out a perfectly executed design from a complex pattern, doodle, learn through mistakes, exercise my imagination/editing/tweaking skills, and just plain have a fantastic time twiddling my little sticks and hooks and string and things. I love the tools for what they are, as they are–and I so love yarn

that I would just pile up balls of it on the floor and ROLL in it to soak up all that beautiful colorful fiber goodness. Life is good!

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


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  1. Lovely spindles, fiber, flowers… you are having a beautiful spring!

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