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Fondness for Moccasins

and the closest thing I’ve seen to Ugg boots!  A nice, frugal $185 alternative.  I purchased the Prairie Boots pattern over a year ago!  They were exactly what my teenagers wanted.  Tonight, I have finally got around to knitting them up.

If you don’t use larger needle sizes often, don’t go out and buy a new set just for this project.  I knit this pair in Size 8 circular needles, two-at-a-time, using magic loop instead of two circulars recommended by the designer

…and everything worked out just fine in one evening.  Total Weight: 233 grams or 497 yards (60 grams or 134 yards for soles, 173 grams or 363 yards) of Patons Classic Wool–held double for boots and 4-strand for soles–in Mercury and Chestnut Brown hues.  Half the yardage if using bulky yarn.

The stitch count on pattern is incorrect after picking up all stitches around, starting Rnd 1. It’s off a stitch to the end of the pattern. Just make sure you have purl stitches before and after both decrease stitches. Everything is symmetrical so it’s easy to spot the error on the pattern. If you’re new to short-row and/or sock-knitting, the one-stitch could present a challenge for you who may need to follow pattern line-by-line and count stitches. For the fearless ones, just count your extra stitch in center area of the heel and knit away.

What a huge success!  Totally seamless too!.  The keep-it-simple instruction is super easy to follow, fun to knit up… and produced an adorable, cleverly constructed, fashionable pair of Ugg-like boots, yet comfy and cozy, the teen loves and all for under $20!  Her friends want them.  One of my Flickr friends asked me to make her a pair.  I am so happy everyone loves them.  What more can I ask for.  It’s definitely THE GIFT for my Christmas Making list this year.

Even though the finished footwear has a bit of stretch in them with an approximate foot length:  Be sure to make the sole longer (perhaps wider if desired) than the  foot.

I made it to size at first–following instruction for Size Small with Size 9 needles–and it actually turned out as patterned.  Any other time it would have been WONDERFUL, REMARKABLE.  My intention was to have a tighter woven pair in Size Medium.  The first pair got smaller once stitches were picked up around the soles.

Did 13 ridges (instead of 14) for ankle length.

I ended up starting over.   Started first 10 ridges of sole in Size 9 needles and the rest of soles and boots in Size 8 needles. Though the soles were 10” long, it is perfect once stitches picked up off the sides.  The finished size is very flexible to fit the teen who wears Woman’s Size 7 as well as my Size-5.5 feet.  The second attempt was quite pleasing.  The teen approves.

Started buttonholes on Rows 12/13 and 20/21 instead of 14/15 & 24/25.

I have spent many hours searching for ready punched outdoor soles that are suitable for home-made shoes/boots and came accross this seller.  There is also good advice about how to attach them.  Fiber Trends Slipper Soles or Slipper Bottoms, priced around $15-20 each, are perfect for these too.  They look terrific on its Fiber Trends’ felted boots.  I’ll need to experiment in up-sizing the pattern for a felted version too to get me and my family through the coldest of winters.  Another time…

Bind off after completion of 12 ridges/24 rows as follows: “K2tbl, put the stitch back on left needle” repeat to end.

Now I’m just needing to stitch up the leather pieces and sew on buttons once teen picks out the chosen ones…ones that would accommodate wearing the cuffs up or folded.

So, I have found myself wanting to make a plethora of tiny objects, playing with design ideas.  I can’t help it, I’m compelled.   But the problem with knitting little newborn, wee items is that often I can’t find a proper-size model to show them off.  Renting one is out of my lead.  What do you do? 

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Fondness for Moccasins" (3)

  1. I love how these can be pulled up to keep warm!

  2. […] teen’s Uggs Wannabe boots by Cocoknits are now complete…with Organic Element 1″ Wood Purple (#2725) […]

  3. Jaime said:

    These are awesome! Can you pass along the pattern? I’d love to try these

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