A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

I go through different phases where I’ll focus on one or two techniques at a time. It’s been a long while since I made anything modular of substance…time to do it, right?!

Inspired by Mitered Crosses Blanket–for Japan in Mason-Dixon Knitting Blog, my first finished replicate of a traditional 9-patch quilt design, mitered square, using variations of flying geese, all garter stitch, no sewing.

Not perfect, but, I’m quite happy with the initial 18″ square. I rather like the small project feeling of doing the mitered squares and later triangle strips. This made it fairly portable right up until I put all together and adding borders. Color/layout details are still being tweaked, fine-tuned on paper. I may flip through my favorite Horst Schultz’s Patchwork Knitting and Patchwork Knitting: Fashions for Children for inspiration. Both, predate Mason Dixon and much richer in ideas, are worth tracking down!

The modular afghan features a beautiful way to use up spare ends, 1/4 balls, mismatched, misfit balls of yarn…make it into a gorgeous knitted quilt! It may be knitted with fingering, sport/DK, and worsted weight yarns for any-size blanket that you wish to make.

It’s all knit so I don’t have to worry about anything too complicated. Seams will be accomplished without darning needle…applying Japanese bind-off or Kirsten’s clever zippering technique. I love modular knitting. It feels like I may just go, go, go when I’m knitting it…like I’ve got serious knitting mojo! Why do you like modular knitting? Do you find that, when you start a modular project, you work straight through till it’s done? I will work consistently for a day or three. Then, I grow bored and put it aside, like a shell jacket I was working on for about 2 years?!

Anyway, it was a perfect day

to show off the brioche Newsprint Cowl finished over the weekend.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "The Geese, They Are A-Flyin’" (3)

  1. Kirsten said:

    Lovely modules! Every time I see the African Adventure projects I wonder why I haven’t started one myself. I think I just don’t know what to make them into–sweater? vest? purse? I just need to get a-going on it.

  2. […] Second replicate is just as fun as the first […]

  3. Sarah, great photographs of such magnificent knits – you are SO talented! Are you also knitting at night in your sleep? I keep being amazed by the speed you present all those beautiful projects!

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