A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

I have to say I was panicking a little, just a little, about my Father’s Day gift being behind.  All along, I knew the perfect gift for my honey.

Can you tell this is his favorite pair of clogs!?  I made them for hubby, my first felting project, three Christmas ago.

He had worn holes through bottoms of both extra-thick soles, finally given way on him.  I thought of knitting, felting new soles, and replacing the worn pair.  But why?  Hubby deserves a new pair.

Original clogs were knitted in Wool Pak Yarns NZ 14-ply extra bulk wool in Aubergine, Berry, and Bluebell. $60 investment well spent!

Early in the afternoon, I dived in the yarn stash

German Twist Cast-On makes desirable-stretchy seaming later a breeze!

I’d forgotten how quickly this pattern knits up.

Not only is this pattern extremely clever

it provides endless laughs each time when I look at these giant, floppy clown shoes.

Seaming up second sole directly to the first, without picking up and placing stitches on another circular needle first, is my preference…much more efficient, with pleasing result.

Here a comparative overview of the old and the new, felted versus non-felted

not bad…all in a day’s work…in a quest for knitting up a pair of perfect-fit giants in a man’s size 12 foot…all for $15! Great to be Frugal (even it wasn’t the intent. :D)

No rubber stuff from hardware store that you put on tool handles for hubby…that’s a NO, NO.   As an reinforcement, it may be good to run a strand of sock yarn that has nylon along with the wool.  I wonder…would nylon help add life to the clogs?  Call for more experiment later…

I grow to appreciate this exercise more each re-visit.  What I’m finding is that after knitting a steady diet of sweaters and afghans, I’d forgotten there are lots of great projects that knit quickly.  These fun smaller projects are adding another enjoyable dimension to my regular knitting and give me a lot of FO satisfaction that I previous was waiting days/months for. I’m adding an iPod cozy/cosy to my stash list.  It will be fun and interesting…

The day has been gray, dark and drab.  Clouds and showers are rolling in the coming week.  While being home most of the day…still recoveringmissing the Pink Fire Trucks for Heaven Can Wait…I did get a couple glimpses of sunlight to help cheer me up, finding a balance and grounding in my life.

Imagine...four panels of this amazing artwork surrounding Holy Trinity in Beaverton, OR

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


Comments on: "Fancy a Cup of Tea or Glass of Wine" (2)

  1. A good friend knits me a new pair like these from time to time. Mine get to looking like your hubby’s do! So warm, love on the feet.

  2. […] Finished Project is these frugal felted clogs for Father’s […]

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