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Eureka! Strikes Again!

It’s good to have blank spaces in our lives if we can get them — to make room for the DUH …moment to happen.~~Kirsten Hall, aka spindleknitter.

There was nothing different today. First day of June is unofficially first day of Summer. In some parts of the country, June is the traditional start of Hurricane Season. Here,..just another rainy day.

As usual. People were rushing like a herd of…whatever, cursing everything in general, including the rain, the crowd, and themselves. Me? I moved right along with a sprint in my step. Today was D- Day! It was time to put on that thinking cap, again, and back to working on shuffle color sock.  I unraveled the heels twenty times and more…hundreds upon hundreds of stitches–over the past week.
Never giving up is one of the determinants of success.  It is easy to get discouraged and to want to quit.  Yet, experience told me the payoff for my effort is just around the next corner.  If I had  stopped a day sooner, I might have given up many hours invested in testing the pattern.  Why stop now when I haven’t reaped the full benefit of the effort?

I needed just the tiniest shred of hope to hang onto when these times come.  I was offered this hope.  Everything became clear.  Yesterday, DUH moments came.  The answer has been right in front of me all along, to be seen at any time.   Hard work does pay off when I persist and refuse to give up.  Perseverance and persistence.

I have been steadily knitting the heels, foots, and toes…with significant progress and end in sight.   It was one project I brought about town today.     If I can figure out knitting math and short-row heel without wrapping, I can figure out any sort of math. Don’t you think?  Numbers don’t change based on their applications.

Unlike Ziprelaxagon, the design plays with sock yarn with short color breaks. It avoids undesirable color pooling in otherwise-beautiful yarns. For most sock knitters, that first ball of self-striping yarn was the gateway to a new world of obsession. If you love color, you surely have at least one skein of sock yarn that looked great in the skein…but not in a sock. There are a number of methods for bringing out the best in multi-colored yarns while avoiding blobs and pooling. Celebrate that color! Make it sing…with Kirsten‘s latest design Shuffle Color (pattern to be launched on Raverly this Friday!)  You’ll pick up a few secrets and tips that will ensure you use the yarn to its full potential. Discover how the yarn itself may be used as a measuring tool.

Blue Moon SockThatRocks Lightweight

As usual, her detailed, extensive pattern instruction is full of options to meet every knitter’s need...to please all, or at least most…Brave and wonderful! This is one you may knit it fine to large gauge, with needle size of your choice. The sample on the right below–in cashmere blend–is side-way gartered cuff-down using a 4-stitch shuffle pattern, shifting the yarn left and right in a zig zag pattern.  A terrific Pool Repellant Stitch. The left one as shown–in Regia Design Line–is knitted ribbed, cuff-down but using a 5-stitch pattern.

Next one I am casting on will be in Black Trillium’s new handpainted Hazel, with gorgeous short color breaks, from toe-up, 3-stitch option. I feel playful and will match up the toe to match its garter-cuff.

Creativity doesn’t just happen–it takes time and effort. Like any discipline, there are many ways to hone the skill. You may control your results. You may even see how to turn the stripes on their side. I am thinking…why not incorporate all 3-stitch options in one sock to customize fit?

With trails and tribulations–Victory, however it was brought about, was sweet. I came. I saw. I conquered! It’s another learning curve. I am humbled.😀

What better way to solve a heel mystery than to Provisional Cast-on separately!!

Does this make you want to rush away and knit something colorful? I hope you feel the same way as I do…be inspired! (Sorry for the lack of finished photos as another Canon digital camera bites the dust…TODAY!  GEESH!)

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


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