A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

I am a big fan. Circle or infinity scarf has been an enormous trend around here. Practically everyone’s wearing it. A scarf that won’t fall off, similar to an oversized cowl/neckwarmer. It drapes well. There’s no knot sitting uncomfortably around the neck. It looks awesome as head wrap. Pure practical.

There are different ways to knit a Moebius scarf/wrap. Eustacia is a fauxbius (aka fake moebius) amazingly easy to follow.  It’s knitted flat, simply elegant. It’s an unabashedly indulgent accessory, but the basic shape is uncomplicated.

A band with a half-twist. When you run fingers around it, two sides are actually one. The inside is the outside; the outside is the inside. Magical. Sweet sensation.

Eustacia is really a lovely scarf/head wrap, made with five skeins each of ShibuiKnitstwo scrumptious, finest yarns–held one strand Staccato and two strands Silk Cloud together.  Both yarns contain high content of silk that attributes to such desirable, soft goodness.

Eustacia pattern and ShibuiKnits Silk Cloud & Staccato available at Knit-Purl

It came together at a good speed…in about fourteen, uninterrupted knitting time hours including a few misadventure of my own. LOL Be sure to catch all three loops of a stitch or at least the Staccato strand

No modification was made to the wonderful design by Kristin Spurkland, published in Shibui Luxury (available at Knit-Purl.)  Everything came out as specified in the pattern. After wash, the wrap did bloom and stretched out tremendously. Have no fear. Blocking does wonder to the finishing touch. First, shape outside edges per schematic provided in the pattern. Second, smooth out bulky spots at best. Third, let it dry for a while. Repeat second and third steps until desired schematic achieved. Once dried enough, shift small portion of the knitted fabric to the left or right. Rearrange the wrap and repeat Steps 1, 2, and 3. If you are lack of patience as I was, a hair dryer will speed up the process and lend a beautiful, professional finished wrap.

Some knitters modified the wrap to shorter length so it will hang on the shoulder. However, the true beauty of Eustacia is the ability to wrap the extra length around and wear it as a head wrap without compromising the gorgeous textures.  Shor nuff!

Eustacia inspires me. I see all sorts of exciting possibilities and am eager to play with my own designing work and more projects in coming days.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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