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Another Cup Ran Over!

Whew, we’ve seen some busy fabric-filled and fun days (in that order, I suspect!) Before headed out to Sisters on tropical Sunday, I had a chance to see close hand this month’s gallery exhibit (Fabric Shakers here) at the fabulous LQS, Quiltworks.
May Gallery Exhibit @QuiltworksMay Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
Would you take a look at what dear Marilyn and Dave have for us?!
May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
Kathy Shaker started the quilt (supposedly in a small wall size) in a color class with Jean Wells. “Story of my life–once I started collecting and cutting neutrals, it grew and grew!” said Kathy. From a distance, many fabrics are read solids. In reality, there are over 600 different fabrics in Cafe au Lait! Good grief!! I’m speechless!
Cafe au Lait, May 2011 Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
Cafe au Lait in a monochromatic palette, first ever tackled neutrals
Just think of the fun you would have collecting all those pieces!
Calla Lilies May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
Serendipity! CALLA LILIES, started out a digital image in luscious blues and greens
with a hand-painted background and a wave of her magic-Photoshop-wand

Determining what colors to use in any project can be a daunting experience.
Surfacing, May 2011 Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
SURFACING: Made for her annual guild challenge, for the theme
“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.”
Happy Scrappy Paddle Stars, May Gallery Exhibit @QuiltworksMorris Star Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
Here Kathy Shaker, a uber-talented quilter, fiber artist brought fresh ideas and talent to the table to share.
Fashion Plate, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
FASHION PLATE: The leaves are stenciled with acrylic paint
and embellished with hand beading.

Meadow, May Gallery Exhibit @QuiltworksSeamstress, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
showed her confident with coloring outside the box.
Twistin', May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
TWISTIN’: A fun original design to use up extra blocks and tubs of scraps.
the necessities to make her masterpiece a true winner.
Dotsie Chicks May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
DOTSIE CHICKS: Dots are just so whimsical and cheerful
personalized this with a few of Freddy Moran’s Chickens

As evident from the exhibit, Kathy is well-versed in the art of quilt making,
Growing in My Garden, May 2011 Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
GROWING IN MY GARDEN: An original design based on a block from the 30’s called “Letha’s Electric Fan.”
from traditional piecing
May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
to mixed-media art (which I automatically connected them to wearable art 😀
Art Fairy, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
ART FAIRY: A fun little digital collage on top of a batik, embellished with paint,
stamped with bubble wrap, and stenciled through punchinella (sequin waste.)

How fun it is to play with color and value
Autumn Leaves, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
AUTUMN LEAVES: Scattered multi-color leaves over freezer-paper stencils, with Shiva Paintstiks.
Single-pieced block inspired by some of Jean Wells’ little quilts on larger quilts.

incorporating different techniques/materials,
Ghost Fish in a Fantasy Pool, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
and to explore the power of Photoshop Elements
Looking Out to Sea (Light House), May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
LOOKING OUT TO SEA: A challenge to benefit the Pt. Pinos Lighthouse in Pacific Grove, CA
to create stunning digital artwork with the help of using translucent fabric paints, crayons and other techniques to produce realistic effects.
May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
JOURNEYS: A digital collage “travelogue” featuring vintage postcards, stamps, and hand-writing
If you are as intrigued as I am with digital art, it’s fascinating to see how the master incorporating seamlessly techniques of layers, filters, blending modes and brushes to manipulate textures and images in mysterious ways
A Quick Visit, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
A QUICK VISIT: layered a photo of an orange butterfly, on a yellow flower, with a multicolor grungy texture
and how all emerged to original, one-of-a-kind landscape and seascape art quilts that reflect the beauty of the natural world.
Night Flight, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
NIGHT FLIGHT: Illustrate of fabric stamping and beading
Each scene of wilderness or a gently-traveled wild place brings the viewer a glimpse of the true fabric of nature.
In a Cottage Garden, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
IN A COTTAGE GARDEN: Silk ribbon embroidery on an image printed on silk
I enjoy a large array of quilt styles
30's Nosegays, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
from traditional
Pinwheels, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
to art quilts.
Dragonfly, May Gallery Exhibit @QuiltworksLagoon, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
I find them rewarding and enjoyed that each quilt Kathy brings me is unique, with expression of art into fabric–from vintage, hand-stitched
Auntie Kathy's Hankies, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
to oriental crazy quilts
Return to Honalee by Kathy Shake The Fabric Stalkers May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
to great contemporary pieces–
Hot Wheelie, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
shows me how to make colors dramatically come alive.
Asian Spin, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
Quilts that speak Culture, History, Geography, and more importantly, speak about our environment are brilliant ideas.
Crazy for Silk and Beads, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
The two things that motivate me in quilting is my undying love of fabric and quilts and the happiness I see in others that the creative process brings out. Quilting really is a blessing that does take us to another wonderful world.
Weekend at Asilomar, May Gallery Exhibit @QuiltworksBirds, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
Landscapes are my passion.
Kelp Forest, May 2011 Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
I love to see fiber artists use the quilting medium, paint, buttons, beads, and braids as art form. Most of all, I like how each expresses the creative imagery (through drawing) that communicates and reveals a story that could not be told in any other way.
Long Legs, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
Grab a cuppa and your favorite scone…there are more details to share here
Created with flickr slideshow direct link here from softsea.
and to fill that insatiable brain of a eternally curious quilter. Hope you enjoy visiting the colorful world of this versatile expert on color and craft…may all’s going well in your little nook and that the fast-approaching holiday are not sending anyone else into a panic. LOL!
Wild Thing, May Gallery Exhibit @Quiltworks
On Friday, Kristin and I’ll be heading to Sisters for the Small Wonders Quilt Challenges‘ reception and its winners announcement. What a treat-–I can hardly wait! Wishing you sunshine and laughter tomorrow!
Indoor skating with friends
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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  1. […] The primarily blue–ranging from green to violet– fabrics in the Laundry Blue series, orchestrated by The Fiber Chix,  alone inspire me.  (Blowing in the Wind below is by Kathy Shaker, May 2011 featured quilter.) […]

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