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Relation with Amish

is unclear, but, the adapted Amish Baskets Crochet Quilt pattern, by C.L. Halvorson, is quite pleasing 😀

Courtesy of aussie8964 (on Ravelry)

I have seen it on traditional Amish quilts many times but always thought it represented a basket of apples?  Now Amish folks don’t make their quilts with crochet, rather with a completely different craft. If you quilt yourself, please share!

3rd Annual Cascade Foundation of the Musical Arts

Early this morning, our flute baby and her friend Molly took Silver for flute ensemble at the 3rd Annual Cascade Foundation for the Musical Arts .

3rd Annual Cascade Foundation of the Musical Arts

Abruptly interrupted due to technical difficulty, the instant replay is in two parts. Enjoy.

Next solo competition will be the Sunriver Young Artist Scholarship Program in two weeks. She tells me she is ready, but, I am sensing a bit of lost interest in her playing.

3rd Annual Cascade Foundation of the Musical Arts

Though losing interest at her age is normal–quite common that most woodwind instrument players totally lose interest around ages 14/15–flute baby has been taken an interest recently in guitar.

3rd Annual Cascade Foundation of the Musical Arts

Topping off, her band director has asked her last week to take up French Horn because the spot will be vacated by a graduating senior. She is so quick to please and has accepted the challenge, starting Monday. Part of it I guess is the lure of ludicrous scholarship money for a horn player leading her to a hazy decision. Is this the right path for flute baby? We did raise our children in the American fashion and gave her freedom. She earned full scholarship in flute lessons and paid for the instrument. Rightfully so, it’s her choice whether to continue her flute study or not. Only time will tell. Turning into one or other of your parents sometimes sneaks up on you…just about now. I must admit it is trying to just step back and show my unbiased support…no if or but…period. Trust that she will live and find her happy self.

3rd Annual Cascade Foundation of the Musical Arts
It was a very serious day here…I must now chill and live like an amish?! 😀

Outside of Willie Hall at COCC

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Comments on: "Relation with Amish" (2)

  1. Oh my. I can relate to the fear of turning into one’s parent(s) and the need to step back and allow freedom… and how hard it is. But it sounds like your daughter is enthusiastic about music and energetic — all good things! Commitment to one passion starts with exploration…

    I sometimes wonder if too much freedom is a hard thing; choices are good but when there are so many, one seeks a strong path. Haven’t a clue how to provide that for my art baby…

    • Yep…too much choices…too many distraction! I hardly hear her play her flute these days, yet, she tells me she is ready for her competitive recital in two weeks. Go figure. Again, I have to step back and refrain HARD to comment.

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