A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Have You Noticed

I’ve been on a learning binge lately–which has been fun–as I ventured into previously uncharted territories.   I wonder…though, when you learn a new thing, sometimes the first few times you do it absolutely perfectly; then, you go through a phase where everything goes wrong?  I think the everything-going-wrong phase is actually the most important learning bit which sorts the women from the girls–at least that is what I am going to tell myself.

A RealWarm Spring Day...at last.

There are lots of silly things that put me off the things I want to do:   getting organized, fear of cocking it up, fear of wasting materials etc.  If you are the same, I officially give you absolution.  It doesn’t matter how much you bugger it up!  Do it, blog about it, we can all learn from the process.

Practicing Long-Draw

Juggling each part of my life is a skill I’m learning quite well.  Fitting fiber into the daily circus is yet another challenge; but I would say it’s a necessary one. It provides me with satisfaction–making something beautiful hopefully, and it gives a focus beyond meals and children.  Sometimes, the little projects keep things on an even keel.

Sheer Beauty...in nature

I am fascinated by sacred geometry in nature.  In general, it is the thought that God designed nature in such a way that it follows geometric/mathematical principles. A garden is a great source of inspiration on this level.  And there is no better example than the incredible sunflowers in bloom.

Rippled Lace Blanket Making Progress

I need a boot up the backside to make me brave enough to dive right in. What do you think?  How different this composition/layout of Kaffe Fassett Inspired Gypsy Quilt look by adding borders to one of the squares.   This time, I cut a 9″, two 7″, and a 5″ by 2.5″ stripes fresh off Top Drawer Secret Garden Design Roll without washing them first.

Kaffe Fassett Inspired Gypsy Quilt-Along

I am undecided as to hand or machine-quilting this one.  If I stitch the blocks by hand, would it take me years to finish?  How much of it will be visible if I hand quilt when the top is finally ready?  I do not mind the work involved in hand quilting, but, not if I cannot see it.  What’s your gentle wisdom?
Everything is so very green here at the moment.
Some things are already reaching the height of their powers.

My locale seems even more verdant.

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Comments on: "Have You Noticed" (4)

  1. Hello to you at your new blog home! What a transition!

    Great post about food and eating. I find that each year my daughter tries and likes more foods, but if I had worried about that at the beginning, I’d have been a mess. It’s good to think of food as something pleasant and shared. And if the kids don’t like it, more for me… 😉

    • The challenge now is that twice a week shopping doesn’t cut it. Everyone has his/her likes and dislikes. The frig is always full yet we still need to make another run to the store!!!!! I need to come up with a better plan, any suggestion?

  2. Yes. Throw them all into a cream sauce and then the blender. Pour over pasta.

    But seriously, I am the human garbage disposal. I eat everything no one else will. I have also learned to hide a lot of leftovers in pizza sauce, quiche, vegie burgers and soups.

    • Some day, I really like to make something specific for MOI and not toss up a chop Suey/leftover meal…if you get my drift LOL Before kids and husband, I was considered once a gourmet cook! It seems like a lifetime ago?!

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