A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.


from Blogger.  Posts since May 11 have been removed and hours of work reorganizing and simplifying labels gone!  As of now, I still can’t access blogger to share my adventures!!!!

What better time to venture out than now?!

Hangin' On

So, here I go…a fiber-obsessed  wannabe from high desert, Pacific Northwest, taking shots of my life journey through knitting, spinning, crocheting, beading, mixed media crafting, sewing, quilting, baking, cooking… life, and everything in between.


Comments on: "CHANGE" (10)

  1. Susan said:

    Thank you for all the work in moving your blog…..I look forward to it every morning! I’m so inspired by your work and the fluid way you move your creativity through different fibers, photography, and on and on.


    • Thank you Susan for the encouragement. You’ve made my day 😀 I love your afghan adventure and can’t wait to see the whole thing knit and seam up.

  2. Beverooni said:

    Thanks for stopping by my WordPress blog. I’m really struggling with switching over from Blogger. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m just getting too old for new things. Blogger was relatively easy for me to get used to but I find I’m struggling a little more with WordPress. I shall carry on for a bit longer. Thank you for your encouragement.

  3. Dearest Sarah, I decided to switch to WordPress as well as Blogger is taking over every step of the way, changing around my carefully composed texts and pictures and, worse of all, auto-paginates. Thank you for leading the way! I will try and struggle with a move. Laura

  4. How frustrating your blogging situation ! I have been too distracted with deadlines to catch up with you, and aside from backreading to figure out what’s going on, I’ll guess that it will work out soon. Love your stuff, as usual. !!! (I just ordered Alice Starmore’s reprint of her colorwork charts. I’m high as the moon !)

    • I am getting use to WordPress and something I don’t like about it…but I think you will find it in any platform/free hosting. After all, it’s free service. So…for me, I am running posts on both WordPress and Blogger for the insurance. It does take a little extra time with each post…but to me it’s worth it…like backing up your computer regularly 😀 How are you liking the fall change. Yellows and red leaves abound here and in a week or so, our winter will be here to stay. It’s been predicting a hash winter…more woolly play to keep me warm inside and out 😀

  5. Handstitch – thank you for reading our posts on http://amsdaily.net!

    I am glad you are on wordpress as well!

  6. Hand stitch, I nominated for a blogger’s award! Here is the link: http://amsdaily.net/2012/01/23/blog-awards/
    Continue to inspire me more with your blog!

  7. I love the flowers . I’ve had a similar idea with store bought little doilies , but never had enough time to start the project . Your sweater looks just lovely .

  8. I find wordpress hard to use. I keep it for my old blog from WLS. I find blogger is easier… did they change too… no, I was thinking to reopen my soon with some cooking recipes… why people keep change things?

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