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Packs or squares…the popularity stems from the fact that they are affordable (if you buy just one!) easy to use and the size is commonly used in quilting. Do they inspire you to quilt more as there is less cutting? Or do you like to have Fat Quarter bundles? Or even bigger?
Fabric Charms Aplenty
Until last week, I loved to collect them just because I feel often overwhelmed by the choices of fabric. At times, buying something from pre-cut fabric ranges can help.
Fabric Charms AplentyFabric Charms Aplenty
Fabric Charms Aplenty
A charm pack is a marvelous way of buying a whole range of fabrics–not only do I know that they will all coordinate because they come from the same manufacturer (and the same range from that manufacturer)
Fabric Charms AplentyFabric Charms AplentyFabric Charms Aplenty
–it also gives me a chance to look at all the fabrics within that range.
Fabric Charms AplentyFabric Charms Aplenty
Fabric Charms Aplenty
My quilting fabric stash grew equally as much/fast as that’s in my fiber/yarn stash.
Moda FQs
I like to pre-wash fabrics in the kitchen sink, spin dry in the washer, and hang dry everything–all by hand. Over the weekend, I’ve come to realize–through preparing for a quilt-long–not only it is way too time-consuming to get them prepped, reorganized,
Fabric Charms Aplenty
individually ironed
Quilt Charm/square against Optional Fabric
many charms were stretched out of shape;
Quilt Charm/Square that's  stretched
Plus, I really don’t like a bunch of 5″ squares taking up limited drying-rack space or flying around.
Fabric Charms Aplenty
The key deciding factor: these charm packs and fat-quarters are killing the pocketbook. I’d be better off and save by going to fabric shop and buying half yards from sale table or half yard of something I really like. Jellyrolls cost me $12 to $20 a pop. When laying out this way, it makes me realize I could have picked several half yards or quarter yards. Hmmm. Now, I must try not to buy pre-cuts. Can I resist such temptation??
Fabric Charms Aplenty
For the Kaffe Fassett Gypsy quilt, I am using Fabric Central charm packs–Adeline, Aerie, Seaglass, and Neutral Mediterranean. Each charm pack is made of thirty squares, ten different designs, all 5″ square. All raw edges are pinked so there’s no fraying to worry about. I love that about these charms. I have forty designs to work with. The squares are sort of graded from light to dark so I’ll need to split the charm packs–20 dark and 20 light.
Fabric Charms Aplenty
My spring-clean fever has extended to the blog as I just spent the last few hours simplifying labels/categories…de-cluttering, very liberating 😀
Spring Blooms
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Charm" (11)

  1. are you selling any of that Neutral Mediterranean charm packs?

  2. I would like to purchase 2 charm packs of the Neutral Mediterranean, if you have that much. If so, how do I get it from you?

  3. Hello? Are you still here?

    • It’s been a super busy summer and I took a long break to enjoy life 😀 I’m in the process of setting up “shop.” And will put the charm packs together for you, Barbara. Sorry for the long delay in replying. I couldn’t figure out how to reply to a facebook id.

      • Oh no problem, I was thinking I wasn’t getting through. I sure would like to purchase the 2 Neutral Mediterranean charm packs. However, if you only have 1, that would be good too. Nothing like starting a project and running out of material….LOL! Thanks for the response. And good luck with your endeavors.

  4. PS I have a photo of my stalled project, if you would like to see it. Let me know how to send it.

  5. Barbara Curtis Satkoski said:

    Hello Handstitch…..I am still looking to purchase the 2 charm packs from you if they are still available. Please advise…thanks…

  6. Barbara Curtis Satkoski said:

    Hello again Sarah, I am still hoping that you have some of the Mediterranean charm packs left. You were the only one I found that might have some… (I did find some of that pattern in 2 jelly rolls whick I bought just in case….thinking I could sew them together to make charm pack squares) But I would love the charm packs…I sure hope to hear from you soon. Barb from Michigan

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