A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

No First Friday Art Walk from me again this month as I am still struggling with allergies…quite an embarrassing sight to see my runny, overblown Rudolph nose! Or, I’d have covered it with tissues constantly.
Shop Sample at Stitchin Post
Shop sample at Stitchin Post
Now returning to the guild’s program where I left off last…go and make yourself a lovely cup of tea and return, sit comfortably, take a break from the sewing machine or your knitting/crocheting/ weaving/spinning and have a look at more OH’s, AHA’s, and WOW’s. I always have such a good time at these meetings. The best part, aside from sharing tips and tricks, is definitely the show and tell. What would a gathering of quilters be without show-and-tell? Here are a few more treats from the evening!
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
This quilt above, very timely for the day after Mother’s Day, was a tribute Candy Woods made for her mom,
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
Earring worn by her mom…and buttons from her clothing.
started a couple of years ago at a Mary Lou Weidman’s workshop (please correct me if my recollection is wrong…it’s a long night!)
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
A shoe-a-holic Candy’s mom once was!
I first met Candy a couple of years back at a Mount Bachelor Quilt Guild monthly meeting when she was the speaker of the evening.
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
I made an immediate connection when she accounted for her knitting journey–sweater adventures–really nothing to do with this post but I couldn’t help make a post without a mention of knitting, right?!
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
Candy’s mom was a knitter.
The memory quilt was made from old material, personal keepsakes,
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
She was a writer…
shirts, dresses
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
a seamstress, cat-lover (a strayed one she took in,) a woman with many passions…like fishing.
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
gardening (roses in particular)…
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
and bird-watching!
…a form of art that will pass from generation to generation telling stories about Candy’s mother. What a wonderful tribute and a lovely quilt!
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
A world-traveler…some of the places she’d been too.
The giant piece of art cloth, filled with pictures of cat, flowers, places her mother had lived, activities she enjoyed/involved in. All items were brought together to represent the life of a well-loved woman…great/important document.
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
someone who looked forward to next bingo night.
The folk-art quilt has its own character and feel. Candy’s mom used to hold an empty bag open during full moon, in open field, and recited the titled verse. It must’d worked…‘cuz she won bingos, raffles all the time.~~said Candy.
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
Now you know why…next time you see a lady with an empty bag open
…during full moon…in the middle of the street LOL

The quilt is full of character and feel…just like Candy’s mom. So are these pincushions
Quilt Guild Show & TellsQuilt Guild Show & Tells
Not sure what to do with extra Dear Jane blocks? How about a pincushions?
Keep up the wonderful, creative work, Candy!

It is always so much fun to get a bunch of quilters together! I heard several people commenting how much of an inspiration it was to see everyone else’s work, especially at this time of year.
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
The challenge for this clever quilter was incorporating new into the limited amount of vintage navy fabrics she acquired.
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
Don’t see a design you like?
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
…graph your own!
Quilt Guild Show & TellsQuilt Guild Show & Tells
Personally, I enjoy seeing ideas on how quilters incorporate their loved ones’ clothing and memorabilia into a quilt to wrap yourself and keep yourself warm with memories.
Flip Flops
This quilter made a wedding gift for her daughter who lives in sunny California and loves flip-flop’s
…a quilt that her daughter will sure use and treasure!

Flip Flops
There has been no shortage of lovely quilts on display for Show and Tell
Bug Jar by Sally
Wish I’d taken a photo of the matching backing Sally chose…just so darn cute to miss!
It was a long program, but, glad to catch Sally’s whimsy, fun quilt. Bug Jar tutorial is avaiable here.
Bug Jar by Sally
perfect for a last-minute baby shower gift.
Not into bugs? Simply fill your jar with anything you like…candy, cookies, flower fairies, dogs, cats, even people LOL
Bug Jar by Sally
Next guild night speaker will be Karla Alexander. Come along on Wednesday, May 25, at Stitchin Post and enjoy what I am sure will be a wonderful Show n Tell with such an amazing group of quilters. Check out what the guild ladies have been working on. They never cease to impress. Styles are so varied and all are welcome.
Quilt Guild Show & Tells
Could any place possibly be more abuzz with quilting activities than central Oregon? Less than wonderful weather indeed have its advantages however. I, for one, got a ton of quilting fabric washed and dried for a quilt-along with April and her friend Dana.
Fabric Charms Aplenty
480–5″ charms/squares washed, dried, and sorted…24 more to cut/process!
My UFO’s still outnumber finished projects in past few weeks. But, I’m making headway. Honest. See it for yourself, tomorrow.
A walk at THE PARK
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


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  1. Kirsten said:

    My mother made a bug jar quilt for Zoe, and for her three cousins as well. She's made many quilts for us. I am so happy about all the loving — making a quilt for a mom or a child means sitting around thinking good thoughts about that person for a good long time, which has to be very good for us all!

    I hope you feel better soon. I'll be where you are in October… my allergies are in the fall.

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