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What a beautiful day we’ve had today. Even though the calendar says spring arrived over a month ago, the thermometer here didn’t get the word. Where is the year going? Too fast, my friends, too fast. Today, I finally see and feel the warmer days on the way…crossing my fingers and declaring winter is over. (Wouldn’t that be nice?!)
Afternoon at Pam's
The days have already gotten longer…still light out after 8:00, coming home from another superb Mom’s Night Out evening.
COOL Moms' Night OutCOOL Moms' Night Out
Yarn Goodies
Purple Heaven from my dear friend Kristin…isn’t she sweet!!!!
It’s time for grilling, biking, yard work…and before long weekly music in the park, camping, swimming in the river… yahoo!
Afternoon at Pam's
One of Pam‘s new lamb Siera, ultra people friendly.
To celebrate the start of another month, hopefully spring-like here in High Desert, I folded up more Sakura flowers. Here is a simple pictorial/tutorial for your own paper-folding adventure/enjoyment:
Sakura Origami Flower
Follow pictured steps from top to bottom…1) start with with a square, color-side down (not shown)
2) make a valley fold along a diagonal & 3)fold bottom corners up to upper center corner

Sakura Origami Flower
1) Place finger in one of newly created triangles pockets and make a squash fold as shown in top photo
2) fold down corners of new kite shapes & 3) fold outer flaps in half as shown

Sakura Origami FlowerSakura Origami Flower
Pictured steps from left to right; fold each triangular side flap in once more time
Sakura Origami Flower
Glue side flaps of the unit together. Repeat above steps and make 4 more petals.
Sakura Origami FlowerSakura Origami Flower
Next, glue each petal, connect to one and other, last petal again to first
and viola…your first Sakura!

I’m taking it all in with enthusiasm because I know it won’t last. Yes, there will be another winter some day, but for now I just want to stop and commune with nature.
3 More Sakura made
Curl the petals if you like the effect…embellish them to your heart’s content!
May MAY bring much sunshine and warmth to your part of the country 😀
Afternoon at Pam's
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


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